Quick navlight question

Is there a way to keep the navlights on while a ship docks, hyperspaces, etc? I’m using navlights as lights for glows coming off bits of the ship, so it seems a bit weird that the glow disappears when it starts docking and stuff.

No, those can’t be enabled during Hyperspace… The clipping and transform logic don’t apply in that case, hence why they’re faded out.

You should really, really avoid using Nav lights to cast glows often. We do it for some ships. For others we use the ‘bay’ style - meaning it casts light, but only on nearby ships, not the parent.

The reason is that every light you add takes away from the budget for general scene lights (16), and makes the ship a consistent amount more expensive. Glows can’t emulate lights quite as well (specular, flicker, etc) - but they are MUCH cheaper, and can also be drawn to show shadows and such that Nav lights won’t do as well.

Ah, makes sense. I’ll probably end up baking in the glows in 3ds Max. Spose it didn’t hurt to ask. :blush: