Quick Poll on Total Hours Played

BL1 ~ 50 hrs
BL2 ~ 1000 hrs across 3 platforms (PC, PS4 and VR)
TPS ~ 150 hrs (no max level)
BL3 ~ 2500 hrs (:sweat_smile: !)

BL3 were my first game in the series i “no lifed”. Between release up until mayhem 2.0 and the cartels update, it were the only game i played. Around that time i made the switch to PC and had my first real break from the game. Spent some time with ghost of tsushima and went back to BL3, had my second break shortly after and it lasted longer.

I still return to BL3 but it keeps me interested far shorter and my breaks lasts longer each time. I want to blame it on M2.0 but honestly, it’s mostly “gamer fatigue” and being burnt out on the game, which is to be expected after 2000hrs+ hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: