Quick question about "cheating"

Any of you experienced playing against someone who seems like cheating ?
Because I just ended playing against a marquis ending 14-2, and we were almost all in the team agreeing on the fact whatever we did we got hit with every single bullet.
It was literally impossible to avoid any hit…
I know some people aim REALLY well, but being able to instantly 3-shot any character who just got out from behind a wall (without anyone knowing he’s here) seems a bit weird to me.
Tiny plus, the guy got a VAC ban on his steam account.

Anyone know if that (already…) exist in this game ? And if there is any way to report such person ?

(I apologize if this thread is badly placed…)

This occasionally happens to me on PS4, aim assist is the bane of all. I don’t get killed by Marquis often but one using aim assist can hit just about anything. If you’re on PC though, an experienced shooter can consistently land crits, it’s easy to follow a target with a mouse.

Yeah but as I said, when the enemy team has NO IDEA you’re behind X wall and you just pop and the marquis already landed 2 bullets on your head… it’s really fishy.
(and yeah I’m on pc)

His owls act as sentries, they can reveal your position on the map and any enemy Battleborn who see you will tag you on the map as well. He may have been cheating, but there are other explanations.

You can’t put an owl in incursion behind the enemy’s wall without it geting destroyed

I believe Marquis can cloak his owls, they’re tricky little bastards.

Could be aim bot

Yes, there are aimbots, sadly… It acts as Wallhack meaning you always know where the ennemy is, is just activating the scope view will automatically target and lock on the closest ennemy’s head to ensure a crit.

Very frustrating, especially when you’re the opposing Marquis and it looks you can’t hit sh!t. :frowning:

Always amazes me people are this pathetic to do that on a game they paid for

I know what wallhack & aimbot are, but I didn’t expect them to exist only 1 week after the release of the game…[quote=“hooofarted, post:9, topic:1436919, full:true”]
Always amazes me people are this pathetic to do that on a game they paid for

Well paid or not you’ll always find people willingly to throw money out of the window by geting easily banned.
Like it’s any fun to just kill without any challenge…

By the way, my other question was : is there any way to report cheaters ?

Just describing what the hackers have already managed to get into the game :wink:
Sadly, this is probably because Battleborn is based on Unreal Engine so there are already some foundations for it :confused: AFAIK it’s already been going on during the betas.

And yeah… It’s just sad. How powerful people need to feel in a videogame. They are probably failling at life, so…

anyway no official report tools yet. I think they may be reported via Steam, since you can access their profiles by clicking on their names in the post-game recap or match history. That’s how I found out myself the people I thought were cheating already had some VAC bans.

Just found another cheater… You can’t snipe someone less than 1m close to you. And also end with marquis with 20-0 or something even against OP galilea + miko
The game is already lacking player and some of them are cheating, it’s really sad to see