Quick question about deck 13.5

I wanted to go to deck 13.5 to test out some of my guns on the target practice does this mean the quest is set at lvl 55 (my lvl) cause that would suck!

I tried to dashboard it but it didnt work :frowning:

In UVHM the first stage will be at level 55, yes. Once you turn that in then the next main story should be whatever your current level is. Note that this only applies to the mission reward which, in UVHM, is fixed when you accept the mission; enemies etc. will always level up (so worst case scenario a save/quit/restart should do the trick.)

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So the first stage is always 55? Then goes up from there?

No. The first stage in UVHM is whatever level you are the very first time you visit the starting location (Deck 13.5). If you level up in main game to, say, 58, then go back to Deck 13.5 and actually start the story, the first enemies you meet are going to be scaled to your new (higher) level. The mission reward for the very first bit is still going to be your original level (55) but, when you compete and hand in that bit, then the next one should be at your level.

Enemies and drops always scale up with you in UVHM (unlike NVHM and TVHM), but mission rewards are always locked at whatever level you were when you first acquired/accepted the mission. (So if there’s a side quest you want to get the reward for at max level, DON’T accept the side quest until you’re max level!)

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So I should go ahead and do it now then? I can always restart all my progress in ultimate correct?

You can do it now, or later on. And yes, you can completely reset your entire UVHM play-through at any time. In fact, you’ll probably need to do this since it’s pretty much impossible to get from level 50 to 70 with only a single playthrough of the main game and all DLC.

Stupid move on my part…

Well thank you very much for the info bud. You have been very helpful!

Why do you say that? The very first part of the DLC doesn’t really involve much, and I don’t remember the mission reward being anything worth worrying over. The next step in the story mission happens pretty quickly, so you’re good to go from there on.

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Something else to keep in mind is that there are no unique weapons tied to the DLC’s main missions, so you’re not gonna mess up any opportunities for later by getting that first mission right away.

In fact, I think the reward is a choice between a random blue shotgun and a random blue assault rifle, or something like that, so you don’t even have to worry about not getting a high-level glitch weapon.

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For the next time and for another character, if it’s a high level character that’s currently in TVHM or UVHM, you can always enter Deck 13.5 from your first play through so you don’t have to worry about messing up the first quests level for True and Ultimate.