Quick Question About Double-Up

I’m considering doing a Guerilla/Survival build, similar to the one shown here:

I am curious about how Double Up works. I want to do a build where I’m more supporting the Turret, and need some advice.

  1. Does the skill convert all bullet damage from the turrets to Slag?

  2. I am well aware that Slag does less damage to Slagged targets, only a 50% increase on UVHM. How does this effect the DPS of the Turrets? If I am intending to be backing my Turret up and not the other way around, would I benefit from skipping Double-Up and throwing Slag around myself, or does the benefit of the extra Turret guns outweigh this?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

  1. Yes, all bullets are now slag bullets.

  2. Not sure on this. The way I use Double Up is that it saves me from having to swap to my slag weapon. Also note that the rockets from the turret will get the benefit of extra damage against a slagged target. It also seems to me that the turret’s slagged bullets have a pretty high chance to slag a target.

Gemini + Double Up is a powerful approach, but the turrets’ DPS isn’t huge. They ARE a fantastic source of continually reapplied slag. That is a big benefit.

“Supporting them” isn’t necessarily a good strategy, if I’m understanding the intent correctly. I typically throw one on a wall or ceiling ahead to take away cover, then throw another closer to me, but still in position to hit enemies. With those out, I get going with my gun or grenades and usually tear areas up. It can be a pretty high octane playstyle.

Yeah, I was hoping to get farther down Gunpowder to get Duty Calls and max out some other stuff there rather than getting to Double Up, as most of the second chunk of the Guerilla tree doesn’t appeal to much, but I figure the meager 25% damage increase for neutral guns isn’t worth giving up the constant debuffs from the Turrets, plus even with slightly less DPS, it’s still adding an extra gun to both Turrets, and with Scorched Earth they’ll still be netting plenty of kills on their own. Not to mention Onslaught and Metal Storm…

So many Commando class mods increase my DPS anyway, and even if I just played a debuff tank with the Pointman Mod (I think Pointman is the healing one, can’t recall right away), I’ll be playing co-op with him almost exclusively anyway.

Thanks for the clarification, guys!