Quick question about mayhem mode

Hey. Just reached lvl 50 & was wondering if stats are better for items found or bought in higher mayhem modes? Or d’you just have the buffs like for e.g. higher % xp & damage?

Press the button to the right of the Mayhem Mode console and it will tell you what each mode does when it’s on.

It increases XP, money, luck (you’ll see more legendaries and higher chances of them being annointed), and also increases enemy difficulty by a lot.

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Thanks for the reply. But I already know that part. What I was wondering was if for e.g. the stats on items found or bought go up. I don’t mean things like chance to ignite or burn per sec. I mean things like the damage amount a weapon does or the capacity for a shield. For e.g. I thought maybe for a lvl 50 legendary weapon that does say 900 dmg when found or bought at mayhem 1, that same weapon might go up & do say 2500 dmg if found or bought in mayhem 3.

No. Each weapon has a range for each stat at each level. The stat ranges do not vary at increased Mayhem levels. I’m guessing our personal luck increases are the only thing that affects guns hopefully being on the higher side of the range, but most of time if damage is increased with a certain weapon part, you are also sacrificing accuracy/reload/etc for that dmg increase and vice versa.

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The things that influence it are the parts and prefix, not luck.

While we’re on the subject of mayhem mode I wanted to ask about mayham mode in TVHM. Some people are saying they’re able to access it straight away, while others say they had to beat the game again to access it. Others things I’ve heard is not having it at the begining of TVHM is due to a bug & also that the option to have it at the start of TVHM is only available to PC players.

Well I play on PS4 and Mayhem mode hasn’t been available to me on either of the two characters i’ve currently gone to TVHM with. I think it’s only PC players at the moment.

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Well that hardly seems fair. I hope they sort that out soon. Thank god your character shares the equipment they have in both modes. Otherwise Gearbox would have a war on their hands! lol.