Quick question about mission rewards

Is there a list that shows all of the unique mission rewards? I’m trying to avoid doing any with the new VH until I reach level 72 or finish UVHM, whichever comes first. I know of the most common ones like Animal Rights, Safe and Sound, A Real Boy, etc. but for missions like the Octo and Triquerta I’m not real sure about…

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i dont think so but im pretty sure you could find a list of all uniques with where they are earned from and then you could just see wich ones are from quests yourself

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and if you want to be sure, just dont start missions with a single blue item as reward… if its a choice reward or any color item youre fine

Here is the list of Unique’s weapons : http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Unique

Enjoy !! :wink:

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Here you go - three different takes on your question:

Don’t let the snippet below fool you - there’s a whole sub-section on BL2 unique rewards on this page:



Some of missions with blue rewards are just that though - blue rarity items, non-unique. Bit frustrating when you’re all set for a unique and there’s no red text!

Thanks folks…:+1: