Quick Question about OP8

For those that played a lot during the OP8 days, were you able to B0re Hyperious more consistently? I’m aware of the increased health/damage reduction, but I don’t know if that’s relevant to B0re.

Bore was always tough to set up. Yes it was more forgiving at 72/OP0 but I had quite a few OP8 attempts frap out at maybe 1/4 health drop max.

Yes the DR is relevant in this case.

Interesting, thanks for the info.

if you are on console, it would be a lot harder compare to PC due to frame rates.

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@Mostly_Childish …Maybe not related to your post, but I hopped onto someone else’s game about a month back with my Zer0 and we went to visit Hyperius. I grouped a bunch of his bots in between me and Hyp perfectly with singularity grenades and unloaded on the group with my Harold, which is my go-to gun for B0ring Hyperius. Absolutely no B0re happened. I checked my build and saw I was spec’d into B0re, it just wasn’t working in that arena. It did work outside that arena however.