Quick Question About Pre-ordering

I have a quick question regarding my pre-order. I have purchased the super deluxe pre-order of Borderlands 3 on the first of last month and have gotten the email order confirmation. Although, the money has yet to be charged from my debit account and as someone who has never pre-ordered a game I would like to know whether or not this is normal.

I know thats normal for me. I pre order on xbox one and normally they only charge you a week or so beforetrhe game releases to give you time to cancel before hand. Between 3 days and a week or so before the game releases you should get charged. Thats my experience on xbox one though. Dont know about playstation or other consoles or computer

It’s standard practice with most sites to charge preorders when they ship.

To add on to this question: If a disc is pre-ordered, not digitial, does the disk arrive the day of the release or is it a few days later? I have a nephew that wants the disk and not just digital and I was wondering if the rest of us purchase digital, would be able to partake in Co-Op on 9/13 with us.


@NPMedic This depends on where you buy it. Amazon for instance ships things early so that it arrives on release day.

gamestop will do day one shipping, but will charge you for it, instead of free shipping.