Quick Question About Ransack

So I’ve seen in several threads commentary on Mordecai’s killskill ‘Ransack’. According to these posts, the AL of Ransack is tied to Mordecai, in other words, it’s 69 at endgame. Since Craw is 67, and the Lance chests are surely lower than that, if I’m looking for a perfectly-parted Legendary, what would my best bet be? The Farmory still seems the best, because there’s just such a high concentration of loot in one place, but might I be better off running with a Scavenger COM in the Hyperion Dump map? (basically farming Claptrap units via Ransack). Obviously I’m aware Pearls only drop from the Lance chests, Craw, and select enemies, I’m specifically talking about Legendary weapons. I want that perfect Hellfire and Defiler, galdarmit.

I don’t think that Farmory is better than Crawmerax, but if beating Crawmerax isn’t viable for you yet, I could see Ransack in someplace like Zombie Island producing some quality Ransack loots.

I’m really not the person who should be answering this, Ransack loot isn’t something I’ve heard solid information on or used myself. But I could see it working as well as Farmory at least, on a loot per time basis.

Interesting, ok. So for perfect Legendary drops, you think Craw is a better bet? I’ve only killed him a couple times, I’ll look into getting more efficient at it.

Considering how long it takes to get to the Farmory from T-Bone, kill Knoxx, and then run the Farmory itself… well that’s a good chunk of time.

Craw, on the other hand. I never did time myself, but I feel like I could be working on killing Craw for the second time by the time I would’ve gotten to the Farmory.

Farmory definitely has a place in BL1 endgame, and that place is a way to gear up for killing Craw. Not to say that Farmory isn’t enjoyable, I quite like the journey through it all. When you’re talking time, Craw is faster with higher quality.

Yeah, so…

Turns out when you upgrade from a green Jakobs masher to a Masher Anaconda… Craw kind of blows himself up. So thank you for inspiring me to take another crack at him, because I have about a 50% success rate now and he does give amazing loot. Thank you for that advice, kind sir.

P.S. Also, I’ve been hanging around these forums for a good while now, enough that when my girlfriend and I got a Betta the other week I suggested naming it Bill. We settled for “Swedish”, but Bill almost made the cut. You’re pretty prolific around here.


I’d have to knife fight you if you named yours Bill, haha. :bllol: :blattidude: That’s where I got the name from originally, an old fish of mine.

Glad the Crabmerax loot is working out of you! And thanks for the mention, made me smile. Not always right, not the most knowledgeable, and I certainly don’t play enough, but I make up with it with chattiness I guess!

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So… I never knew Craw didn’t count for a Second Wind. That’s just sh*tty, man. C’mon.


I just
the loot

How close to perfect is this? Because hot DAMN is it gorgeous

Also I was wearing the wrong shield, I had that death coming.


Nice work on Craw, especially for being rather new to the giant crab. lol And I agree with you on @billthebetta he is very informative and knows quite a bit. :wink:

I lean on his knowledge from time to time. :blush:

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Good luck finding an upgrade to that Defiler! Stock could be a tiny bit better, who knows if you’d honestly feel the difference though!


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Now that I’ve seen a decent sample of what Craw drops, I’m definitely going to do a few Ransack runs of dense maps to see how the legendary drop rates feel in comparison. Might even do a proper little comparison of the two if I can establish a personal ruleset for determining fair comparisons.

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On a separate but related note, does anyone else’s game consistently crash when loading into Craw’s map after about six kills? It’s definitely not my PC, Borderlands runs smooth as a dream, I think it’s the engine struggling with the loot. This isn’t just me, is it?

No that’s everybody. My laptop can handle about 4, any more above that is a risk.

Ugh, this brings back bad memories when I hosted random online matches. I had been sorting through loot, with some of my quality stuff on the ground. One of the randoms exited out and I didn’t notice in time. When we tried to get back in, game froze and my loot was lost to history.

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Ok, wanted to make sure it wasn’t just special for me. Sorry to hear that’s screwed you over in the past.
And Craw really is just a big baby, isn’t he? This was my latest kill:

Not exacly Joltzdude139’s magnificent insta-giblets, but better than I would expect from myself.