Quick question about the BETA

Okay, so i just heared about this and i am moderatly hyped, when i created the Account and applied for the Key i instantly got a Key for Steam. Does that indeed mean i am IN the Alpha or just a preload option so i don’t have to Download 10sec before BETA start?

Thanks for reading.

If you got a key and were able to use it to preload, I am relatively certain you can play when it starts.

I didin’t expect that. Definitly not after the fiasco that was Overwatch start.
Im happy to see that this is being taken professionaly.
Well, i’ll be testing the everliving hell out of it! :smiley:
I hope you do the same.

To be fair, Overwatch is by Blizzard. There are probably 10s of millions of people signed up for the Overwatch Beta for absolutely no other reason than it’s got Blizzard’s logo plastered on it. There aren’t going to be nearly as many people signed up for Battleborn’s beta and I believe they give significant priority to Shift members. Even if that wasn’t the case, I’d take Battleborn over Overwatch any day since it caters to my Co-Op mentality and Blizzard games tend to be over hyped because it’s Blizzard.

If I was able to download it on Steam but when I click on the PRE-LOAD button I get an error saying that content is still being encrypted. what does that mean?

Probably means Steam hasn’t gotten around to unlocking the data to begin the actual download yet.

Fair enough, I just thought that a 4Go download would have been it. No worries though, I’m stoked to even have a chance to play this game

I pre-loaded it from Steam a few hours ago, no problem.

Its not a BETA, its a Closed Tech Test. Im downloading it on Steam as we speak though super pumped!!!

I think the data will be decrypted sometime soon, maybe this friday?

It is because the beta has not started yet.
When it starts it will no longer do that. It is a preload so its just the data without the ability to play it.