Quick question about the forums

So i don’t end up posting in the wrong thread about this, where exactly am i supposed to post about PC loot trading? Im still looking for a few select items, or things with high crit on them at the very least, and i have not found a PC loot trading board at all. I just want to make sure i know where to ask about it before i make myself look even dumber then i already have with my last question.

it is weird that xbox and ps4 have a dedicated trading section but I don’t see one for egs

It would be nice if EGS had ANY sort of forum system at all. The fact that they are just a bare bones store front just shows how lazy they are.

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what chuu want? say in crazy earls voice
I have a few leggos that I don’t need. Mostly lvl 50. some of lower level.
What are you trading for?

What do you have with high crit damage? I main Fl4k with a crid build.

It’s right there on the home page lol

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For you maybe, but not for me. There is no PC trading post on my end.


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lol i saw that

fixed. yeah thread is not visible, but you click the drop down box, there is one.

Edit. it is in the very bottom.

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Wrong link got posted im guessing?

Thanks for the link.

Yeah but Nat caught it instantly lol. I just happened to watch it happen lol. It was the pc tech support

as soon as i hit reply i notice it, you are too fast.

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I have the jacobs sniper (monocle) and the unforgiven (jacobs pistol.) They would have the highest crit I would say. Ludya, Lucians Call (cyro). I dunno.

Like most people I have heaps of random stuff. If you know what you are after it is probably easier for me to tell you if I have it lol.