Quick question about TPS

Whats up everybody I was just wondering, I’m sitting here patiently waiting for that Badass rank & Customizations fix for BL2 and I don’t even have any characters or anything to transfer over on The Pre-Sequel. Am I good to go on that one or is there something I should be waiting for on that game as well?

It would be a hell of alot better than anxiously waiting for my BAR on BL2. I never played it on 360 & would be starting from scratch. Thanks in advance, I’ve always enjoyed these forums since BL2 first came out BTW. :slight_smile:

Go for it.

I think the only issue you may have is with the reported graphics problem related to frame rate drops and screen tears. Xbox one seems to have the bigger problem of the two.

Meh the screen tears seem to be cutscene only for me no big ish. If your a Sal player go for Nisha . She just tears s**t up :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the replies guys. I’m kinda pis$ed at myself for sittin’ around for 5 days twirlling my thumbs when I could’ve been gettin’ after it. Lol.