Quick question, little time: most overpowered character?

I’m about to start the game with my friend in 5 minutes, who is the best amd a ton of fun?

I don’t know for sure which is most OP. I loved playing Athena and with her shield she can be pretty tough. Also, loved Nisha. Took a little bit to get used to, but her Showdown is a ton of fun too.

Nisha and Jack are the easiest OP, as in they require the least work to destroy everything. But keep in mind, this is TPS, everyone besides Wilhelm is OP in their own right (and even he does pretty well once Wolf is factored in).

Athena and Jack

I agree with Athena and Jack because the combo of crazy dps and ability to tank

Depends on your definition of “overpowered” :

If you talk about the damage potental, then Athena may be your answer (a properly specced Jack is also at least as powerful as Athena).
Please note that Athena can hit the visual damage cap with a Laser DIsker reload, x999 Maelstrom Stacks, Bulwark Shield and 3DDI.E.

If you talk about the plug’n’play playstyle, then Nisha may be what you’re possibly looking for (aimbot ftw)

And also : if you’re looking for a fun character to play :

Wilhelm and Claptrap are the funniest imo, I love their playstyle (Wilhelm is more skill-based so beware), but if you like sniping you can use Aurelia as well (she’s too beautiful :blush:)