Quick question on ASE

Does the ASE anointment only apply to the currently equipped weapon when your AS ends or is it time based and I could switch weapons and still get the effect?

For instance let’s say I have 2 weapons and each has an ASE anointment. I have weapon A equipped when my AS ends…if I switch to weapon B immediately am I benefiting from the ASE on weapon B or does the bonus end as soon as I switch weapons?

Weapon Ase’s are tied to the specific weapon, so immediate switching after ASE will lose your anoint benefit. Ase’s on grenade and shields allow you to switch.


OK, that’s what I thought but wasn’t 100% sure. Thanks info!

I have a 2nd question tied to this. How long does the 100% dmg bonus last, how many seconds, never actually tested it.

8 seconds I think.
There’s some piece of equipment i can’t remember atm, that lists “for a short time” but then at the bottom in the description it says “for 8 seconds”