Quick question on red chests

I have a level 53 player and i can not farm the red chests they just stay open is this something new that has been added please let me know thank you

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Try turning off your echocast extention. There is a built in mechanic where while that is on you cannot farm the red chests. They did that on purpose so streamers can’t farm them giving those watching the stream unlimited loot in a short period of time.


Might just be bad luck. The way it is intended to work is all red chests have a 40 minute cooldown after opening so you can’t just farm free loot over and over again. However, that randomly works only one some saves and not others and we don’t actually know how it is caused.
However, it does not have to do with the Echocast as I’ve seen a bunch of streamers who could farm those chests without any issues on some of their saves (but again, not on others).

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That would explain why I have (or had, not sure) this issue with one of my character. Not with the other 3.

i wanted to thank all for their replies it fixed it self after i completely logged out and back in i just guessing i had a gremlin in the system and he left after he had some fun …

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