Quick question plz answer!

I just recently got to UVHM with axton. But i also have another character which is a siren who i started in TVHM. Now if i switch back to her, and if i do will i get the option to play in UVHM or do i have to play through the entire 2 game modes again to play UVHM with the siren. please HELP!!

Uvhm will only be unlocked for your axton, sorry I know that’s not what you wanna hear😐 .

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If you want, just throwing it out there, I can run your siren through TVHM for you. OP8 axton here. Psn same as Username. Or I can grab my siren and we can run it together. Lvl52 siren. I’ll help with anything really

down for what ever man, add me infested808