Quick question regarding Trevonator

So, is this part of Private Beans dedicated loot pool? I swear I’ve been farming him for the past two hours and not one drop.

Yes. Try Mayhem 0. He also drops the Westergun.

Yeah? I couldn’t even give you a ballpark number of how many Westergun’s he’s dropped. Mayhem 0 huh? Guess I’ll try it out.

You did say Mayhem 0 right? It wasn’t a typo?
Just making sure lol

Yes I meant mayhem 0. I’ve had better luck farming specific things on mayhem 0. From my experience the world drops seems to smother out the dedicated drops when you up the mayhem. Could just be me though. If you’re looking for an Annointed one you could just farm a boss like Freddie if you have the DLC. Or any other boss but Freddie seems to be the most generous.

Alright. I’m gonna try it out. Freddie seems to be only dropping Auto Aimes and dlc coms for me. Thanks for the advice.

If you’re on ps4 I can mail you one. I have lots of them

I think your on xbox because i think you on my friends list. I have a bunch of these, might have some anointed too, never use them. Can check for you when i get home form work


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That would be really cool of you dude. I’ve taken a liking to them and all I really want is a radiation / cryo one. My. Gt. Is RavenMock3r

Yeah, I am on Xbox dude. Thank you for offering the help though. I appreciate it.

I appreciate it

I will look when i get Home Raven, let you know what i have


Trevonator is a great shotgun, glad Gearbox honored him this way.


Mayhem 0 only if you just want to score the drop. Otherwise, if you actually want one you can use, farm on the Mayhem level you want it at.

And by the way, world drops do not clutter the dedicated loot. They are completely separate loot pools and one does not effect the other.