Quick review after first impressions

It’s kinda fun, it feels like Doom in that it has relatively small maps, close quarters gameplay with ridiculous-ish weapons, but with cards. I’d like to see a lot more about being able to level up your cards etc. and get stronger levels of weapons - something like needing to collect N cards to upgrade to the next tier would be good.

It strikes me that this game would be the sort that would make a lot of people angry over lag. I played a couple of games without any problems and then in two games I was just phasing through walls, clicking to fire and nothing was happening, trying to put down a turret and nothing was happening, and then suddenly just being dead. I know that you can’t do guarantee no one experiences any lag, but anything that can try to even out the playing field for those with worse connections would be helpful.

The turret does seem a little bit OP especially since the maps are so small, so perhaps the range or fire rate needs to be reduced (even though it doesn’t do that much damage as a counter to that). Splash damage weapons also seem to be way more powerful than the straight shooting guns, again because of the close quarters.

I’m partially colour blind, so to me the colours were a bit hard to work with. Having the player highlighted sometimes makes it really helpful for identifying the player against the background, so kudos to the team for that idea.

Overall, I think it plays well, but my concern is that it may get quite repetitive and may not be so suitable for continuous play. I think it’s good for when you want to play something quick with a friend, but not so good if you have many friends around, and not so good if you want to sit down and play something for a few hours because it’s just a lot of jumping around and clicking. Adding some strategic element into the cards would help make things more interesting (attachments like in Borderlands would be great), and maybe adding some different game modes so it wasn’t just essentially deathmatch would be helpful too.