Quick Tip - Massive Cash From Start ($150k+)

So I am not sure how many people know about this, but at least on the PS4, you can go into Circle of Slaughter like right away. I am barely even into the game yet, went to my option screen, went down to social, and then there is the Circle of Slaughter you can queue up for.

I thought CoS was supposed to be an end game activity, only able to be done by people who have beaten the game, but it appears not to be the case, and since monsters scale down to your level in this game, you can go in at any level.

My friends and I did this and we were all level 15, and all managed to get to 19-20 in one game of Circle of Slaughter, and each banked over 200k, which is massive.

Would recommend it for sure for getting starting cash to set you up for most of the campaign.



I am confused… What was I spoiling?

Its a feature in the game. I just was letting people know about it.

Is letting people know about the social button and ability to queue in their option menu a spoiler?

I am sorry if that is the case =( it was not my intention.


Given the delay for steam, we’re being a bit extra careful with spoilers since the thread may not start out that way but once people start replying…

Also, this looks very much like an unintentional exploit rather than an intended ability. If that’s the case, it really shouldn’t be discussed here at all (and may well get patched out!)


Oh I see, I am sorry about that. It really wasn’t my intention, @VaultHunter101

I figured they changed the way it might have worked, since they changed how things scale to your level now, so maybe they let anyone use it at any level, from what I read about the older games when things wouldn’t scale the same way.

Since it is in the spoiler section, can I ask if there is there an actual entrance to it in the game?

At least on PS4 my group and I can queue up for Proving Grounds (the dungeon stuff) and Circle of Slaughter, on brand new characters. I have tried asking others if its a bug on other forums, but no one has said yes or no, so I figured it was just a normal thing for the borderland games.

If so, I hope they fix it soon then, because I would hate to lose out on features I thought were supposed to be standard.

Edit: I did ask on Reddit as well, and someone said it was supposed to be standard now for anyone to be able to use,

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Again, sorry if I caused any problems. I hope you have fun hunting for vaults!

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