Quick Tips on Eclipse / EOS as Wilhelm Please

Hey guys.

Gonna be fighting the end Clappy DLC on Normal with my level 35 Willy in a couple hours here.

I beat him back day after release with my Clappy, but i was pretty drunk, dont remember how.

I know it took a while and I got very lucky.

I am running Mauler class mod / Morq shield / Strafing Run oz kit.

I am specced about equally into his middle and right hand skill trees.

I have bullpups in every element, an Impetous ravager for explosive, and a Luneshine Coach gun for NE.

I have homing grenades of every element, currently using Homing Pandemic.

I know it is jmportant to have a shock weapon and a corrosive one.

Apparently there is some chamber or something you can stay in and be shielded from the Boss’ attacks while still shooting him?

What should my strategy be?

Thanks in advance, guys!

If you’re in the right tree, respec to get Hard to Kill if you don’t have it. You will take massive amounts of damage, and having up to 33% of that damage be negated will help a lot.

I would try this spec for the fight.

You need to use the power granted by your savoir The hexagon area surrounded by lava.

Shield/Mod/Oz Kit looks OK

Shock and corrosive Bullpups with Mauler

Get a transfusion grenade

Hug the columns

Thanks, guys, great tips.

I also have a Flakker and a 4 in every glitch category Cryo SMG.

Will either of those guns help?

Flak him. Flak him in the ass so hard he [EXPLICIT STATEMENT REMOVED].

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Here is what i previously posted

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Thanks so much, Doc!

That’s awesome!

I forgot to mention. With that spec I posted, if you level up during the fight, put it in Laser Guided. Any enemy Wolf paints with that skill will take a multiplicative 25% extra damage.

Ugh what an annoying fight.

Had to give up in his final form.

Try again tomorrow.


That protected jump pas column is AMAZING!

Made his first form and first half pf his second a joke, but his post shield regen form kicked my ass.


Excellent spec, thanks!

Although i ground myself an at level Celestial Enforcer com and used lasers, as i found a 3DDIE in a vendor along the way through Subconscious and Cortex.

I don’t have any tips, but check this out. The guy is great.

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Since your still low level beat him at level 45 overpower yourself first at UVHM you must be max level and have shield of ages to beat him without dying and prefered weapon crossive or thunder his 2 weakness with the exception of wilhelm he uses cryo laser blaster against him with mod chronicler of elpis

I got him.

Secret is to just have patience and refresh your ammo.

You just have to realize it’s a long fight and that his shield, but not health, will regen twice.

Also, while it makes the fight bouncy and repetitive, that octagonal island with the jump pad that takes you up and above through that shielded vertical corridor is a bloody lifesaver.

That is…


  • Mr. TORGUE.

That guy has perfect gear.

Regardless he was pretty good. My only comment would be he wasn’t getting any crits on the eclipse.

You can fairly easily tank eclipse with shock and corrosive Hills. Once you get the curve down and you can start dropping the rounds in on his face and heaD.

My most effective combinations have been shock and corrosive pitchforks and shock and corrosive company man and bull pup. I use an absolute zero to keep me alive during shield rebuilt.

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Missed your video post until just now, sorry!

Very informative!

Thank you for posting!

Absolute Zero doesn’t work for all characters though. Aurelia with Large Caliber makes the AZ useless since it will have only 4 rounds.

I didn’t have the best equipment but Wilhelm was just a pain to use to defeat eos. I had to level two levels past eos and even then he was a pita. I died many many times.

Yet just yesterday I managed to defeat sh4d0wtp, Eclipse and eos with Jack in one long battle without dying. I was two levels under to boot. I think jack just fits my play style better.