Quick Topic : Winter Update's release date?

I’ll make this sweet and short .
Winter update -> when ?
I must know !!

If anyone can answer me about this, that would be great :slight_smile:

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Nobody knows for sure. It was announced a month ago.

Be nice if they could have managed player’s expectations a little better. Obviously some of it is out of their hands, like when Sony/Microsoft give the OK. However, it is still possible to control this type of thing. For example, Epic had a huge update to Paragon recently that changed the entire game. In mid-November, they announced the patch would hit on December 6th. And on December 6th, the patch was rolled out and people were playing. So a combination of controlling outgoing information and planning ahead to provide ample lead time for approvals can be helpful to manage your customer’s expectations.

Just sayin…


My feeling is that they intended it to come out two weeks, maybe three after the stream - but some bugs and/or a rocky certification process delayed things, and then the holidays struck.

It definitely has fizzled the hype a bit.


Hopefully patch notes in next week’s battleplan. Probs two weeks. :cry:

It is pretty grim. Nearly all my Aus friends from a few months ago have stopped playing, and I have a sneaking feeling that it’s already too late. People find new games, or lose the connection, or just find themselves free of whatever odd addiction kept them playing, and then they’re gone.

I am near to fulfilling my prophesy, made over in the Australian server thread, of being the very last. ■■■■.


Yes, “nobody knows for sure,” and that’s the problem. Nobody, but nobody, knows for sure and if someone does, they’re not talking. Trust is a terrible thing to loose.


Hopefully soon. As long as this patch isn’t arrived I’m afraid other games have priority.

I’ll be the very last, I think.

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Didnt they announce they are having 2 streams next week. Jan 10 and Jan 12th? If so I believe Jan 12th is the release date with the Jan 12th stream being about Beatrix release for a week later… Or surprise its about the 3rd DLC…

I don’t know, I’m pretty crazy. I’m up at one AM researching ways to make a costume bio-claw… Mellka @ Supanova 2017? Worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:


At this rate the “Winter Update” may turn into the “Spring Update” D’=

Dunno what’s taking so long, but I’m just saying it BETTER deliver. If the update isn’t what was promised and more, I foresee an unfavorable outcome to Battleborn.


They do seem to use the term “season” rather than give definite information. Well, it worked for them before when everyone seemed to get sidetracked discussing what dates are in each “season.”

I think the main isseu with this patch is the free trial and holydays.

I guess a patch or big update is not as problematic as change something in the store. Money

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I thought they said the update was already in Sony’s hands and just waiting to see if it gets certified

Well, Sony and Microsoft, but who knows which one is taking longer. Either way, even if both versions were certified on December 26th, it wasn’t going to be released earlier than January the 5th (or more likely the 12th, as there isn’t a battleplan until then) so that Gearbox staff can be available to be sure the update goes smoothly, or can iron out the kinks if it doesn’t.

I’m really hopeful to see it drop tomorrow, but I’ll understand if I end up waiting until the 12th. Everyone deserves a holiday, especially Gearbox employees.


Most people return to work this week so if it came out this week I would be really surprised, but ill be shocked if doesn’t release on the 12th. At this point I just want the patch notes.

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After not being able to play for 2 weeks i’m glad to be back and see so many new players! To bad some do not speak a lenguage i know… I like to ask if they need tips or help


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Gonna pull out my limited Spanish here


(I just want the new UI. Also everything else)