Quick Topic : Winter Update's release date?

I’m just on BB summer vacation.

Maybe they meant southern hemisphere winter release date?


I found this very amusing


A lo mejor ay un forum de Battleborn en español pero no este mujer. Ojalá los representantes de Gearbox le pueda ayudar. Disculpe si alguien fue racista con usted aquí. Yo creo que todo fue una mala interpretación.

Lol , how ?

Just imagine them releasing the update in Junish and it being justified

Starting to think “winter” is a euphemism for “when hell freezes over.”

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The winter of our discontent.

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Don’t worry guys:



sigh. Almost good. Two weeks late

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I have a Mr. Freeze GIF for when the update finally lands.

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Do you have any idea what that amount of ice puns would do to the forums? Not even Sausage Party had that many puns, sir
The forums will…dare I say…FREEZE from the amount of puns


Do you think it’ll make you guys COLD towards me?


Since noone can give a certain date yet, I´ll now close this topic.

( As far as I understood GBX still waits for green light from Microsoft & Sony, which both have to sanctify the Update first. So it´s possible even GBx-staff do not know a 100% certain date yet.)

There have been other topics about it, like these