Quick trade anyone?

I have -

  • Berserker Deathless artifact (weapon accuracy / corrosive resistance / melee dmg)
  • Hot Drop Otto Idol (incendiary resistance / weapon reload speed / corrosive dmg)
  • Searing Nemesis (annointed operative - while sntnl is active fire rate and reload speed increased)

All I’m looking for is -

  • Lyuda (cryo) not the Annexed variant
  • Kaos assault rifle (cryo)
  • Laser-Sploders (radiation)
  • Shredifier (radiation) with sights
  • Flakker (fire)

Gt RavenMock3r

I’ve got the laser sploders, I’ll trade for the cryo Lyuda

I have laser-sploder (fire/cryo). Ill trade for the cutsman

Any of those happen to have the 3.3 weapon zoom?..

Mine doesn’t have the 3.3x zoom, but it’s a really good one nonetheless.


Oh. Hell yeah. I’ll send it over to you.

Cool. Mailing it now.

I’ll give you the cutsman for your cryo Laser Sploder?

yea sounds good GT: Koops

Ok. Sending it now.

Thanx for doing business fellas

thank you