Quick wins in incursion

I believe that incursion needs some Type of enemy that spawns in for the losing team to help them have a fair chance to win, I get really sick whne an incursion game just ends up being world war 1 with little movement between both teams plus the first team to destroy the sentry is the team that will win MAJORITY of the time, and I’m not talking about one team with low ranks, I’m talking about big ranked teams.

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In my experience, this is because the team who loses a sentry surrenders almost immediately. When my team loses a sentry, I wanna say that we come back and at least destroy the enemy’s first sentry around 30-40% of the time, those matches then being decided by average score unless one team pushed back and damages a home sentry.

As for the rest, I don’t like to play Incursion (except for Monuments) because of that slow grind, the push-and-pull can get tedious and usually one team gets trapped behind a choke point for the majority of the match, plus the outcome is usually decided by composition alone and not necessarily player skill. Just such a boring game more :frowning: I disagree that the losing team should get any advantage though, that would just piss off the winning team who gets punished for destroying an opposing sentry and promote even campier playstyles as teams will prefer to not destroy an enemy sentry and drag out the full 30 minutes for an average score win, making matches even more boring.


Since the most recent changes I have seen and had more comebacks from losing the first sentry. I’ve been in both ends. Had a match where we stomped there first sentry in the first 5 min and thought the match was pretty much over. We ended up losing.


@FlamesForAll and I had a comeback match recently, we lost our first sentry then came back to take their first sentry. With about 15 seconds left we realized we were behind on score so we bum rushed the second sentry to take 2 points if damage off its health for a win



That was a good one!

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The days of miracle comebacks have returned, and I love it


Timed right, losing the first sentry can be advantageous and it’s ultimately not a big deal in deciding match outcome if the team is capable of holding ground w/o it. Doubling the enemy respawn time is a big deal and it’s easy to snowball on a team in that situation if the teams are of equal skill, especially if your own team has some characters who shine in the late game.

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This happens literally all the fcking time.

The 30 second strat is real.

Best part about it is: it almost always works. Provided the enemy team is not in 1 or 2 locations. Even then a lone orendi makes it across the field and wa-bam by by sentry.

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