Quicker to level up via mp or campaign?

Just wondering do you ordinarily get more xp for your command rank from multiplayer matches or campaign? There are lots of cool heroes I want to try but progression feels very slow for me at the moment

Campaign, especially on Advanced.

Thanks, how much harder is advanced though? I can barely finish a mission on normal difficulty as it is.

Uhhhh advanced is pretty tough (at least the first rounds) so I´d recommend to get a nice team together. Not even need to be premade, I always ran with PUGs and it worked quiet nicely. 2 other good players should be enough to take on advanced.
To get used to the bigger number of enemies you should start with easier mission though, “Saboteur”, “Archive” and “Heliophage” are quiet hard otherwise.

Which platform are you on? Could help ya on XB1^^

I’m on ps4, thanks for the offer though

Aww dang, I’m on Steam and was going to help also.

I’m on PS4, only started playing a few days ago but would love to level up with ya. Add me. PSN - JonGoober

I definitely will thanks for the offer, seems like the community here is super friendly