Quickest way to farm the Plasmite Transducer


So from my understanding this legendary item drops from one of the bosses in the algorithm but I have ran this mission 10+ times and have had no luck getting it to drop. I even ran the mission solo on advanced 3 times but still no luck. Can anyone confirm this item drops from this mission and if so what boss does it drop from.


Me wants the preciousss. Me wants it sooo much!

I got it from ISIC twice during the beta, he also dropped another legendary during that time and drops yet another post-beta. Not sure if he has several legendaries in his loot pool but I’ve been farming ISIC for this to no avail.

I think ISIC is the only LLC boss you fight, and there are no other LLC areas in the campaign, so IDK where else it would come from. It might be something that you can only get from loot packs, I don’t know if that’s a thing.

You can get legendaries from loot packs but I’m yet to get one from a faction specific pack and I spend all my credits on them.

I got 4 from rogue pack. I bought 5 at a time twice. Maybe more bought at once = higher chance?

Isaac has NEVER dropped anything for toneberry3000 account. I really hope Gearbox isnt trying to pull a bungie.

I found this on reddit for anyone who has been wondering what bosses drop what. I don’t know for sure if this is 100% correct but if it is, then it drops from the Henchman at the beginning of the mission, which makes this much easier to farm.

Credit to VoxelHart for all the time and effort on this -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jCtaqi7rVrfAuqq-FXtWv1YJqV03Xt9LhMcGnYf_7iw/edit?pref=2&pli=1#heading=h.wq97m8eu7fv6

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my team and i doing the mission got it from a drop on the mission unfortunately i cant tell u from what boss we only noticed it at the end of the mission,

Guys, guies! I got a legendary wrench from the very first Jennerit loot pack that I opened, and I got that loot pack from levelling Caldarius. So there’s a 100% chance of a legendary when they come from character levelling!

In all seriousness, RNG will be RNG, and to expect there to be any way to influence it is like thinking that the lottery always uses the number 69. It’s not happening.

Until someone decompiles Battleborn and looks at the source code directly, then there’s no 100% way to know that something influences RNG. By all means, keep believing whatever you want, just don’t start the rumor storm that is inevitably coming.

Eh… All I was doing was confirming that you CAN get them from faction specific pack. Lol calm down. LMAO.

You were also suggesting that “more bought at once = higher chance”. Doesn’t matter if you understand that it’s just RNG, somebody will forget to read that question mark and believe it’s true.

Has anybody here played Destiny and remember the spirit bloom chest from Vault of Glass?

I try not to.

So which which are you, the RGN Nazi, or a forum bater? Maybe a sweet mixture of both?

Funny enough 2 of the legendarys I have are from the Algorithm. ISAC dropped one and Geoff dropped one however i think its completley random on what you get? I also got one from a Rare loot box (Not 100% Sure) and one for completing Reynas Lore. Also good tidbit if you need to grind 1000 pistol kills do it on the mini spawners on that map they take 1 shot and keep respawning.

RGN Nazi sounds like something that comes out of science fiction. And forum bater sounds like a worse version of master debater.

Honestly, I’m just tired of seeing people do stupid stuff because of rumors that they hear. A stupid rumor is like a zombie virus. Those that are susceptible to it and come into contact with it are infected and spread it more. Those that are immune to it are affected by those that are infected by it anyways.

Though getting back to the topic at hand, the single quickest way to get the Plasmite Transducer, bar none, is to get a good group together that can run through the mission quickly, play on advanced + hardcore mode, and spend your credits on LLC loot packs, repeat until you obtain the drop.

I didn’t so much as imply that there is a way to influence RNG in this game, I made a statement nothing more.