Quickie play option?

Ok so I love the game but my wife seems not too into the open world exploration… is there a way to play either BL2 or Presequel where it’s a short clip, not too much wandering, and repreatable… ?

I thought maybe tiny Tina’s stuff or maybe the wildlife arena type thing?

The headhunter pack missions are pretty short and tightly focussed, with smaller maps.

Other wise the BL2 and TPS story missions can be played more or less straight through with minimal side questing and exploration. In my opinion, each mission takes a bit longer on BL2 than TPS but you should be able to start and wrap up each segment in about an hour or so? You can get away with skipping side quests until you hit a point where you are starting to feel under-levelled. And then you can do it all over either by switching to the next level of difficulty OR by choosing two different characters each and starting fresh play-throughs.

The only thing I’d caution is that the third play-through (UVHM) is quite a lot harder, especially in BL2, so if your wife is more of a casual gamer you might want to stop your co-op runs at the end of second play-through (TVHM). The main DLCs scale differently, with the third and fouth ones going higher (level 35) in normal mode.

The arenas are fun but they do get more challenging each round, so that depends on your level. The only repeatable arenas are the final rounds of the ones in the DLCs (Beatdown Bar Brawl, Magic Slaughter, and Horde of Horrors).

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These are great recommendations. I would even venture to say the “L33t h4X0rz” in TPS is a great arena style of combat. quick and non-stop. I would take that on as you can adjust the level difficulty and even play with the buffs/perks you can get with the selections before proceeding into the battle arena. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the responses… I do have one more question… is the loot rewarding from these arenas, if I keep repeating them? Or does it basically become moot after the first time through each challenge?

Also isn’t there a repeatable wildlife dome type arena?

The Wildlife arena is 5 rounds, non-repeatable. Same with Fink’s (The Fridge) and Hyperion (Ore Chasm, exit from Eridium Blight). The ones I mentioned in post #2 are the only ones with a repeatable final round in BL2. WIldlife gives you the Creamer, FInk’s the Hail, and Ore Chasm the Chére-Amie, all Moxxi weapons. The big advantage of Bar Room Brawl is the Torgue tokens, which you can use to purchase some nice legendaries from the Torgue vending machines.

Thanks again! I haven’t finished the main story yet, and I can’t seem to find what you’re mentioning, do I need to finish the main quests to get to those arenas you mentioned?

Oh and 1 more thing… this might sound weird, but I play BL for the looting experience. My wife does not lol. She seems a bit frustrated at having to sift through the stats and items… it can be overwhelming for a non-rpg fan… I may have missed it, but is there an “auto-equip better items” function somewhere?

Mostly, no. All the arenas will have a fixed level range in NVHM, but can scale to 50 after completing the story in TVHM (provided you haven’t been there and accepted any of the missions yet.)

  • Wildlife: Go to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, and work your way through the docks then the animal preserve until you reach the first large building (up near the waterfall and the other side of the elevated highway.) When you enter, look to the right of the vending machines for the entrance. Once inside, talk to the dude with the wing suit.

  • Fink’s: Fast travel to The Fridge location. You’ll see the entrance to Fink’s down some stairs, opposite the door to the main map area. Once inside, talk to Fink.

  • Ore Chasm: You’ll find this location easy enough if you do the “A Real Boy” side quest in Eridium Blight. If you haven’t done that yet, fast travel to Eridium Blight then check the map for a ! over to the upper-right; there’s a map exit there to Ore Chasm. Once inside, talk to Innuendo Bot.

All the arenas with repeatable final rounds are in the DLCs, and require you to have completed a key story mission to get that far and unlock the first round.

  • Torgue - Horde of Horrors: from the Bounty Board inside the main entrance of the Torgue Arena, after completing the first major story mission set. Use the fight board just inside the entrance.

  • Torgue - Bar Room Brawl: Pete’s Bar, in The Beatdown, after a rescue mission. Use the fight board in the entrance lobby (over to the right beside the ammo machine)

  • TTAoDK - Magic Slaughter: Becomes available at some point towards the end of the story, but not sure when. It’s down some stairs in the centre of Flamerock Refuge. (Talk to either Moxxi or Torgue first - forget who)

  • TTAoDK - Ancienct Dragons (Raid Boss): Becomes available at some point after completing the story through Lair of Infinite Agony. There’s a statue that you can give eridium to in order to unlock the entrance.

Unfortunately, no. Although “fortunately” might be a better response, since “better” can be pretty subjective and the green/red arrows don’t always tell the whole story. Maybe at the end of a session, you could clean up her inventory for her? If she doesn’t like your choices, perhaps she’ll get motivated to learn how to do it herself!


The Headhunter DLC’s give surprisingly good loot and are nice little condensed levels. However, the game is a grinder in any scenario and involves tedious loot sorting and occasional farming. Fortunately on the latter count, you can avoid farming until very late in the game, but it’s not some people’s thing because of all the grinding throughout the whole game.

Perhaps you should find a different more linear game for your wife, like maybe ironing or washing the dishes.

This was a joke, by the way.

But seriously, why doesn’t she just play a generic shooter if she isn’t into RPG elements? Borderlands is a shooter with those elements, but your average garden variety shooter may appeal to her more?

haha? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

She actually loves Battleborn, even with all of it’s intricacies, it’s just not a loot fest every time you make a kill.

I’m the one who loves RPGs – AND spending time with his wife. I’m trying to find something that works on both of those levels. If there are aspects of BL that she is more likely to enjoy then maximizing on those might do the trick. If not, then you’re probably right. A good diablo clone with a good loot system might be a better fit. Too bad consoles suck at this.

I read somewhere the waddlegobbler is repeatable… is that true?

All the bosses in the headhunter packs respawn once main story is complete, yes. A popular one seems to be the Snowman in Marcus’ Mercenary Day, since every time you kill him, you get to loot the train again. Great way to level and gear up in UVHM!

I’m glad you took it as the joke it was meant as, reading it back, it may have come across the wrong way :smiley:

Diablo III RoS is the only game that i’d hold in the same regard as the BL games on this generation of consoles. Amazing game.

Ok I made a new discovery… if no one is interested in this anymore maybe I need a new post but-- after playing through the bar bawl a bit, i’m realizing-- my wife’s gonna hate this. However she loves the Operations on battleborn, which are basically short and end with a boss fight… I read somewhere that bosses can be fought over and over again once you beat the story… is that true? If so perhaps a quickie play option would be to run some easily accessible bosses that don’t require too many quest objectives to get to?? Any recommendations on that front?

The simplest option is farming the mini-bosses like Boll, Savage Lee, Henry the Stalker, the Assassins, the Mutant Rats, Scooter’s ex-girlfriend and the seven midget rats, …

Next tier would be the headhunter pack bosses (Snowman, Wattlegobbler, etc)

Then bosses you need to run through basically a whole map to reach: Bunker, Warrior, etc.

Above that, you’re looking at actual raid bosses, which is more challenging. (Terramorphous, Voracidous, Hyperious, etc.)

Thank you for the reply!

I think I’d like to try the raid boss experience with her, but I think she’d probably do best with a boss doable in 30 min or less… how long do the raid bosses typically take?

  • Is there a list of raid bosses?

If not then I guess we should stick to the easy-to-get-to bosses so I can focus her play so we don’t spend too much time wading through the open world…

  • Is there a list of the easy-to-get-to bosses?

A google search yields a list of bosses, but none seem to specify the details I’m looking for…

and I appreciate the help!

Most bosses and raid bosses require you to complete a least a side quest or specific story mission to unlock, but they only need to be unlocked in player 1’s game for local co-op. The easiest bosses to get to are the ones I posted above. Of the Raid Bosses, probably Hyperius, Terramorphous, and Pyro Pete are the easiest to reach. Each one requires specific strategies, though, so you may want to research a bit before diving in - there’s nothing worse than getting trampled when you’re just expecting to have some fun! You might want to try some of them in NVHM before hitting them in TVHM (unless they’re the ones like Terramorphous that are at level 50 even in NVHM)

But once they’re unlocked (quest finished) you can just run to them and fight again, right?

Yup. You may need to quit and restart if you want to hit the same one multiple times in the same play session. Although there’s a gate trick you can pull with Hyperius that lets you keep farming him without quitting.