Quickie vs Redline?

Which is the better choice for Some for the Road crit swap?

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you don’t need to crit swap with both and can kill graveward easily with. quickie i think is faster.

Any idea which is better for soloing Wotan? I’m leaning towards redline because its farmable

I’ve used corrosive versions of both against Wotan and they perform about the same, but you’re right about the Redline being farmable.

Quickie ASE extra splash dmg + Mind Sweeper Mod w/ + heavy wpn dmg = Instakill, that’s what im using to farm almost every boss.

hmmm, I think i’ll just run slaughter shaft over and over and hope to see a quickie. I was able to ALMOST solo the entire raid with Moze (no tediore chuck/level 1 shield) I got Wotan to about 1/2 HP and then I was downed and too far away from any enemy to pick myself up.

Figure a corrosive quickie will help me wrap Wotan up quicker

Yeah, the Quickie is crucial for taking down his upper torso – my chuck build crashes hard on the final phase because the homing modules just can’t reach his better half.