[Quick'n'Dirty Analysis] Amara's Purple Tree

Please forgive me that this isn’t exhaustive like most of my earlier guides, but I’m not testing every nook and cranny because actually I hardly play the game anymore. Still I did test a few things and thought it’d be a shame to not share the results, hopefully it’ll be helpful to some of you.

For the same reason, I’m not writing everything down here on the forum, instead I’ll just link the Google Doc I’ve created. This way I can avoid both giving it “official” status and having to make updates/adjustments in more than one place. Whatever updates there may be in the future will be made within that document, not here.

Here’s the link:


Nice work. Good to know that most of the skills work the way you’d expect. I’ve been enjoying the tree and my newly upgraded melee builds.

Edit: your guides are excellent, by the way. Thanks for all the work you put in.

Good stuff. I’ve also found Burn Both Ends to be multiplicative with everything, including Laid Bare.