Quintuple Legendary Red Chest?!?!

Finish TVHM tonight. Went to open the red chest in Lilith’s room. Got 5 legendary items in one chest.

-Rough Rider
-Last slot was shotgun ammo LOL

Here is a picture: https://i.imgur.com/XPDfUey.png
(warning SPOILERS!)

I also have a clip but it’s not uploaded anywhere. If you guys really don’t believe me I can put it up somewhere, but in the pic you can clearly see 5 separate gold beams.

My question is… Is this common for this particular chest? Or was I just amazingly lucky?


This whole thing is spoilers lol. You get this chest at the end of every playthrough. :smiley:


Right but I put spoiler tags on exactly where it is. Not sure what else would be a spoiler.

Beat game get red chest. Pretty expected no?

And this doesn’t quite answer my question if this is normal for this particular chest on TVHM. Like I could see the devs making certain chests have a better chance at legendaries than others (ie. red chest after bosses), but getting 5 in 1 seems super unlikely even for this one.

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Which is why i said that its spoilers. Theres a seperate forum for spoilers. You get this chest at the end of EVERY playthrough. So yeah its common :smiley:. Not trying to be rude or anything, just telling it like it is lol


IMO that red chest should have 1 of it’s kind in every vault. So we’d be sure to actually always get at least 1 legendary every vault.


Daaaaaamn, Gina!

I got 6/6 with Flak pre-patch on teh 2nd playthrough. None were keepers though.

I would like this.

Legendary loot in Lilith Chest - 99% chance

Yes its pretty common but so is a single. Pray to RNGesus.

Pretty sure i read somewhere that every wearable item (gun shield etc) / cosmetic will ALWAYS be legendary from that chest.

Just some other info if you have friends that play don’t open it solo, your friend will get their own legendarys completely dif from yours. So in TVHM you will get double level 50 drops to share between you.

Also works if you bring in a mule account to get some low Legs for new chars.

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To my knowledge, it is always full of legendaries after every playthrough. Even on normal.

I think that specific chest is supposed to give you legendary stuff?
on all my characters it gave me multiple legendaries

I kinda hate you…and my life :slight_smile:

I got 3 Legendaries and a white class mod on my Amara pt1! Fuming

Did you miss this chest during normal playthrough? I thought it was impossible since tannis stands right next and wants to talk after she opens it. :stuck_out_tongue: but anyway, yes it’s in every playthrough

And sometimes, you open this chest and get one ■■■■■■■ heavy.


ewww yeah that would suck :nauseated_face: