Quit trying to ruin this awsome game!

Im getting really tired of ppl complaining about nerfs here and nerfs there. Ill agree that the Classic gallilea was a monster.

But otherwise I dont think there is much unbalace in this game. A few buffs maybe needed.
Most of the time its just the person holding the controller that dont Know how to play the char they pic.

Or dont Know how to beat a spec char. But this is a TEAM based game!!! Team balance is needed if your team is going to win. Ofc our team is going to have a hard time if we dont have Any support or heals.

Thats the way it is.

I have around 180h play time. And ive seen every char in this game own a match. And if you play a char well in one game and crap the next. It isnt all on you either. If your team dont Know what they are doing or not trying hard enough you are going to loose. Thats the god onest truth.

So please stop trying to blame the games unbalace (sure tweaks are still needed but to be onest isnt it Strange that they are in a game with such wide variaty of chars?) and learn the diffrent chars. What makes them tic and what is Done to stop them.
Every char is op played the right way.
So start playing and stop complaining!


Yes, please. Just stop thinking you are wiser than devs. They’ve been years working eight (or more) hours a day and studied it from every perspective before launch. As an old school player I think this game seems pretty well built and balanced, and every time I come here I end up being angry because of all that complains from people just wanting to own every game without any understanding of what’s happening or how they could improve their gameplay.



So they also are the ones who plays this game with having over 100 hours of gameplay, hmm?

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I’m always more in favor in buffs than nerfs. I do like balance though. I know it’s not a game where in any 1v1 situation, it’s 50/50 who wins. I think some players believe it is. I get everyone wants to pick up a controller and have a shot to do well. It doesn’t work like that and I agree with you on that. It’s a team game. I’m ok with having a terrible K/D if it means my team wins. I’ve done it a few times. Nothing is more amusing to me than seeing 3 opponents try to guide minions in on meltdown just to see me dive in with Caldaruis, grenade, and wipe the minions. Yeah they kill me, but they didn’t get any points on the big board. I believe there should be some kind of tutorial for PvP game modes. That last part hurt to say. A lot of nerfers come form those who are casual or not yet good at the game (not saying they are bad gamers). I think if Gearbox would line up each character and said, “should this guy beat this one in a head to head if the skill of the players are equal?” Then look at the other side, “should this character beat this one if they got the jump on them?” I think ppl are just upset the Alani can really wreck teams if they don’t have a counter for her. I know certain characters can do it but if they’re not on your team, well good luck. I think ppl just need to do some research on characters before they come on here and yell nerf, I’m with you on that. I do feel if the stats say otherwise, then a change needs to be made.

3 years = 1095 days = 156 weeks.
40 hours a week = 6257 hours building the game (And testing and playing while making it). *~40 employees in the project = 250.285 hours.

So yes. 250285 hours of building and testing are far superior than 100 hours played. People thinks they’re gods and have the criteria to decide what should be changed in a month playing after school/work. And that’s what I hate.


-points out the irony of complaining about people complaining-

What you are saying contridicts itself a bit. In one hand you say no nerfs… on the other hand you say deal with not being able to pick up any character and do well… which implies not to buff the worst guys. Looking at you, toby.

I’m not sure that I agree with your position… Because quite frankly this whole situation is natural, healthy and useful. The community is giving feedback which can be read through or not. You reading it and getting mad is your own fault, really.

Also… it could be said to yourself to wait… because well, people might tone down the nerf train once they fight for a bit. You too, are impatient.



I’m not a God. just sharing my opinion. There are people already asking for Alani to be nerfed. Can you see ANY coherence there? where are the 100 hours tests you are saying? she was pre-released three days ago.

A good player can read a simple character in one game and decide if it has too much potential or not.

Helix are a factor but if they are crazy out of the box then they are crazy out of the box.

Note: I don’t think she is crazy. But the whole mentality on this thread is silly.

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Good, so does the other people shares their opinions about her. You don’t have any right to qualify their thoughts as considerable or not while sharing your own. Sorry, you clearly showed me I’ve got nothing to discuss with you.


I didn’t reply back to you, sorry :slight_smile:

No worrys :slight_smile:

Let me explain.

Fortuna is saying that players have every right to discuss the game they play and that frankly they are better geared for the task. These are facts.

Saying the character has “Only been out” for 3 days is silly. It doesn’t take long to master a character… and for a data pool think of how many people play this game, how many are theory craters with YEARS/DECADES of min/maxing experience and how many of those have had ample time to play the characters that are in question.

Playing games is a hobby, building games in work. Big difference in view point.

Developers make games. For money. It’s their job, some love it and some don’t. They can make a good game or a bad game but the biggest thing in the industry right now is customer service and listening to your players… which, if you read through selectively, are a wealth of knowledge.

Again… if you don’t like to read these things… don’t open up forums… and most certainly don’t open up threads titled in respect to what will upset you.
That is your own fault.


So you think me post is silly? :slight_smile:

Edit:saw now what you ment. My bad :slight_smile:

Read the thread, it has the answers you need.

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Don’t care. I have the right to have my opinion, as well as youve got your right to have an opinion against me. I just miss the times when a community was there to help each other and learn how to use every single pixel of their character, instead of crying for nerfs and buffs to the devs, thinking they are gods and that they should be listened because they payed a fee. They payed to play the game. Not to own it. If they want the right to change things, they should go build their own game and see how it goes.

Your opinion is that other people’s opinions don’t matter. Yet you say you have the right to this opinion.

You hope for a community which is positive but your post are negative.


A moderator once told me to talk about the game and not the people that play it. You are making it difficult for me not to do such and… the entire thread is a topic about people that play the game.

This thread should be, closed. Much like the mentality that plagues it.

Yeah. the forum is full of crys, and I cry about people crying. You nailed it :joy:

I would try to flag it, but I’ve did this a lot and a moderator got pissed off this rightly(partially.).

This sounds like rose-colored glasses to me. What communities are you thinking of specifically? I’ve been gaming online since gaming online existed (not saying you haven’t) and this is how things have always been, at least since things inequitable such as class, race, gear have existed in pvp.

The terms nerf and buff were created by online communities in response to game balance changes.

Perhaps our experiences have been different, but I’ve never known a time to exist where people weren’t calling for nerfs or buffs. This even includes games where the multiplay is purely co-op.

I agree that discussing game balance is healthy, as multiplayer games are living things. They can, do and will change over time.

It is important to note that beyond data there is the human experience. Something the hard data of win-lose, usage, loadout, connectivity, k/d, etc; cannot completely quantify. That’s why things such as survey’s exist.

If the devs didn’t want our feedback, they would:

  1. Not have said they welcome feedback
  2. Have a policy discouraging or prohibiting feedback
  3. Or simply not have forums in the first place
  4. Be all the poorer for it