Quit trying to ruin this awsome game!

I find it easier to just play the game and not complain about it. If I don’t like they play of a character, I move to a different one.


Thats my point. Play the game. Learn the game.

Did you know back in beta, Tobys rail gun could shoot through walls? You know what people did? They shot the sentry in incursion through the walls. Devs can miss really huge things, and heck they can be bias, look at galilea, i think they had to tackle the designer and drag him away from his desk before he gave Galilea a jetpack and teleporting.
They gotta deal with overpowered characters first, they will be over-used. Underpowered characters will just be avoided, so its less of an issue.


I agree the tempor tandrums and “this character just beat me get rid of it” posts are counter productive. That said, discussing a character, mechanic, etc. with stats and data is a very good thing IMO. Most of these Alani post, in particular, are discussions. Just because I think a character is too powerful and I present it with stats, reason, and data doesn’t mean I’m “complaining” or “crying”, I am just voicing my opinion. I wouldn’t interpret every buff/nerf post as crying or complaining; most are just people sharing their opinions.

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Please stop thinking the Devs know everything there is to know about balance.

Just because they created the characters doesn’t mean they’re omnipotent when it comes to balancing. That they can see and plan for every way their characters can be used.

They can’t. They’re human. They will make mistakes and as such, we the players will have to let them know when something is too strong or too weak.

People don’t complain for the sake of trying to ‘ruin’ the game. They complain because they love this game and don’t want imbalance to ruin it. They could say " ■■■■ this game, X is so mindless broken. I’m just gonna sell my game and do other stuff". But no, they don’t want to do that. So they come onto the forums and provide feedback. Some more heated than others, but feedback is feedback regardless.

Games would die with out the community giving feedback on it. Is positive feedback good? Yeah, its great to have. But negative feedback is REQUIRED. “Woo, I love this game. X is my favorite character. Man, I just got X from X. " Are all nice things to hear, but they do nothing to help improve the game. Negative feedback such as " Man, X is really strong. I hate fighting X. Omg guys, does anyone else pull their hair out against X?” is needed so that the devs can learn that there’s actually issues in the game that need to be addressed.

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a jetpack :laughing: :laughing:

too true

I think all too often we as the community make things worse by dividing each other by our passion. Someone complains about the game which is about ‘The game’ but someone complains about the people who are ruining the game becomes more questionable.

It shouldn’t have to be any heroes to defend GBX or 2K they have the rights to this site, they have lawyers and etc. if they feel someone here is really trying to ruin this game they will make a preemptive. So why are the forums constantly riddled with people attacking other community members indirectly about giving feedback to a game. There is not microsoft or google where we are employee’s and directed to submit a complaint via the guidelines. People will complain in alot of different ways so telling someone how or when to complain about the game isn’t really good feedback.

GBX has paid faculty to look through and analyze feedback, just like the mods they will talk with teammembers to decide what they will ultimately do or not do another nerf here or a buff their it’s them who decide that. In my personal opinion and i may be seen as a hypocrite for doing so, but the community doesn’t need this constant trend i keep noticing of ‘silence the player’ movement. If someone states they need a nerf there are several actions you can make like giving feedback on why you think they shouldn’t be nerfed. But seeing so far as there have been some MAJOR nerfs so far, we can clearly see nerfs are needed and it helps balance the game for everyone.

Saying casuals mainly call for nerfs because they get rekt is like some blind stereotype. First of all the people who usually tend to noticing something is out of whack bugged or imbalanced are not really casuals it is hardcore gamers. Look at games like league or even tekken or street fighter. These are people who play this game for their livelyhood of course they are going to get deep on a thematic and mechnically level what needs to be nerfed what doesn’t. Casuals can notice these things too when they are just blatant like head glitching, or things like galilea. To think their were people who actually defended galilea saying she wasn’t OP like when Ambra pre-nerf just made me cringe. Those people aren’t being made threads of, or attacked so why are people who are actually trying to give honest feedback somewhat attacked by their fellow community members.

Anyways I’m all down for people voicing their opinions and I try my best to never insult someone because of their opinion. Sometimes I agree, typically somehow I find that i disagree. With this thread in mind I definitely disagree. I don’t see anyone here completely and whole heartedly trying to destroy Battleborn with their complaints on balance. Besides if you wanted to ruin this game this is possibly the worst place to try as GBX would most likely take it down, if you wanna ruin Battleborn you’d go to reddit or make a youtube video about it or something.



See, complaining about people complaining just adds to the net amount of complaining going on.

No-one is trying to ruin any game. Simple as. This forum is for people to give their opinion on games.
If you don’t like a thread, ignore it, flag it, or just move down the list of topics…