Quite a difference vs old gen

Seriously didn’t think the upscaling and fps would make that big of a difference but I’ll tell you what the ps4 graphics vs 360 were immediately noticeable. I am not one to pay particular attention to a games graphics but the change was large enough that I could immediately see the difference.

Textures load quicker, areas load quicker… Speaking for myself I think it was worth buying again on the current generation, at least on the ps4.

Definitely recommend the purchase if you haven’t played bl to death on your 360/ps3 though I’m not a big fan of that 8gb day 1 patch.


Agreed! I didn’t think it would be too much difference but it’s very noticeable to me. While I was transferring characters from my 360 to my XO it was like night & day switching between inputs.
Now if we can just get the BAR, heads, skins and Loyalty Rewards problems fixed it will be great!

I noticed the same thing while doing my cloud saves. Graphics are much better. Was surprised I really didn’t think it would be that much better.

Yeah people say games aren’t that much improved. ALOT of people have no idea how nice 60 fps is. Even if a remaster only cravats is the 60fps as you can see 1080P and 60 fps is HUGE.