Quite frankly enjoyed masses of enemies RoC

Well as the titel says.

While the Revenge of the Cartel’s event was going there were hoards of enemies on like every map and on high mayhem levels it got really though.

I quite enjoyed this it gave the game more challenge every encounter was not easy u had to muscle your way through.

I once came up with a DarkSouls esk mayhem mod that make random rare spawn enemies appear in mobs this would quite function similar to the RoC spawn in.

Also, a good way to make the game harder without changing anything would be make random bosses appear on any map, there could be 2 or 3 bosses at the same time.

All I’m saying this would be the level of toughness i would expect from mayhem mods on M8 and higher.


Would be nice to have extra spawns as vh mayhem modifier.


I mentioned this to Noelle on a patch thread a while back. This is much more fun to us than any of the mayhem modifiers.

I’d like this to be worked into the M levels without the modifiers and the chance for the better weapons to drop from the harder enemies that spawn in

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This is what “pack mentality” should have been

game does struggle with mob density in a lot of areas

What directly brings us to the point more mobs and badasses or is more bullet sponges better for the sake of challenge.

it was pretty much always the only way, by having mobs sticking around they are able to execute their combat loops. if you kill them too fast they never pose a threat. nogs need to interact with heavies and badasses. enforcers need to rush you wile zealots give you trouble from range, skags need to bite you while badass skag is executing elemental attack from range etc etc when the script for engaging the players works game becomes more fun. when modifiers tickle you that is just yikes.

Borderlands 2 had fktons of enemies especially after tvhm… Then uvhm

The way this game works is more organized tiered less chaotic now… And with mayhem ist the same boring with annoying modifiers and bullet spongey hp. Variation aint there.

I could go back to Hyperion ezploitation oreserve and get a differejtnexperience different enemies a few times in a row. It was chaos and fun. Sigh*

This game is :-1:

I was just thinking this on a few of my runs through the new Takedown… would love to turn on the Cartel mob multipliers there and get some really thick mobs. Even if this wasn’t tied to some themed event, a gameplay variable that equates to more enemies on the field would be a welcome toggle. We know it’s possible, given their work with the RoC, but I guess we’ll see if this is something in their road map.

Not sure I ever saw a Guardian with the cyber-gear indicating they were a cartel member though. :thinking:


Yeah or member that Cartel Jabbers and Skaks all over the place xD