Quite happy with Alani nerf

Honestly, looking back at all the frustrating fights I’ve had with Alani with many BB’s I can say that probably a good 70% of those fights had her floating at a very low health level and barely winning/escaping by that margin.

400 HP is a pretty large chunk of HP to lose, that will definitely go a long way in deciding fights now and also making Alani players panic more because their health bar will move a lot more now.

Looking forward to playing tonight.


As support I wish they had just nerfed her damage and not her survivability. She’s a healer and the fact that she must put herself out there to damage something for effective heals makes it very dangerous to play her.


No more dangerous than any other ranged character. Her range is more than adequate on all of her abilities and AA. Plus her model is stupid skinny and, like Thorn, I feel sometimes bullets just pass right through her model.

Seriously, that chunk of HP will surely make a big difference as her large health pool made her stay in the field longer stacking osmosis and pushing very efficient. We will have to wait and see but this seems like the right fix to me.

Nerf ? when ? where ?
I didn’t see anything about this.

Check News section, battelplan rolled out today.

It’s in the new battle plan they lowered her base health to 1054

I agree that what they did was pretty well I can take alani on a lot easier now

They did nerf her damage by nerfing her health pool, she doesn’t have anything that single handidly does high damage compared to actual dps characters, its the fact that she can just sustain and never leave lane. Lowering her health makes it so she’s going to have to back more often/teleport to base/go to heal stations. Alani not being in lane = less damage. She’s also easier to chase kills on now.

When’s the patch come out?

The problem as I see it (and I know they plan to do more) is that this did very little to lower the top end potential of people that are great with her. Watch, there will be people that dominate just as hard with her now as they did before. Meanwhile, those like @plutheroquexos and I that liked playing her closer to the true support side of things, get a major survivability decrease.

This was the exact opposite approach from what I had hoped they would take.

So you just wanted her to become another Miko/Reyna style support then?

as a support you shouldn’t be surprised that her HP got nerfed… considering it was higher than every other support.

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she plays nothing like them.

Alani needed the survivability because she has to attack in order to build up osmosis. They might as well take away the healer tag at this point, because even more Alani’s will do nothing but heal themselves. This change hurts those of us that wanted to play Alani as a team support.

This pushes her more toward the skirmisher side, IMO

Its a fair nerf. They did one of the righ options here in my opinion as lowering her dps would cause her to just become more like miko…Allowing her to keep her dps and lowering her sponge ability puts some risk in the fact she has to fight to gain her sustai/heal in the first place as opposed to lowering her efficiency at healing or dps…as she is a healer…that has to fight…I havent gotten to play with her as of yet this post but will update upon doing so about if I feel like the nerf was too much or just right…as I assure you it wasnt too little. I do however find people still complaining about her dps which if for some reason devs cave into that were going to have a 2nd ambra on our hands that no one will rally play as opposed to one of the exciting great new badasses in Battleborn.
Share your thoughts and opinions…

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Eh. Shes got less hp than miko now…but a smaller crit box… and still passes Miko in a lot of other things quite handidly. Though the CC and dmg was more over the top than her HP but if shes dead she cant do those things…

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They made her harder to use for players of modest skill without limiting her damage output for people who were great with her.

So no, not happy.


it’s the first step, they’ve already said more is coming… and it’s definitely an appropriate nerf, there’s no reason she had more health than every other support. She was only a few hundred health lower than some of the tanks in the game…

But it’s certainly not “all better” yet.

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I feel like what they just did to alani is what they did to gali…Her surviveability+sustain+damage was the problem and the nerf that was carried out caused less play due to correct nerfing and exposing players who played well just to an overloaded kit in galis case and with alani sponginess but allowing players who actually do play well be rewarded by doing well which she is with her dps and good cc placement…which we all know is prettttty slow as devastating as it is if youre getting hit by it often its more you than her.

I know, but it is clear they are going the opposite direction from what I’d hoped. I’d have been very happy with a resilient battlefield controller and support with major reductions to damage output. That’s not going to happen.