Quitters and Surrenders - Thread Reborn

So a few months ago I made this thread and well… I’m disappointed again. Quitters are still just getting away with quitting and I just don’t get it. Here is the thread from a few months ago:

Why have you brought this up again Ashbweh? I’ll tell you why…

Had a chill night. Played some Madden, watched some youtube videos. Then I thought I’d hop onto some Battleborn. This happened…

Now I am not on Battleborn, and won’t be for the rest of the night.

Whilst it was kinda fun trying to 2v5 (especially when 2 of their team are top tier players), it’s kinda just depressing to see this happen and for absolutely no punishment to go out.

Huge kudos to my Rath who trooped on, he was only a level 34 and this is the kinda example some people are setting for our new guys, that it’s just okay to quit.

Battleborn has a small playerbase, and I know a player on my team. It saddens me to say that I don’t I’ve played with/against this guy without him quitting/surrendering. Completely ruins the game. And yes he is level 100+.

This is the point a bit later at which my team all left. But we had 96 sentry health with full shields.

And this is the end result. Think I probably could’ve carried the quitters :wink: jk jk

Now then, don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying I hate Battleborn and I’m not salty, I’m just saying there’s a problem, and it needs to be fixed.

Just think about that Rath on my team. I wouldn’t blame him if they drop Battleborn after that game, and it’s probably happened to countless other players, new and old!

Should there be more of a punishment? Is the playerbase too low for a ban system? Have people just come to grips that this stuff happens and we should just leave it as it is?

Discuss :slight_smile:


I bet quitters don’t care about punishments anyway. I don’t think we can do something about it… sad face. It’s like wishing for world peace - never gonna happen.

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EVERYONE cares about a punishment when it is severe enough, which is why few people steal in the Midde East, and why no one dares to oppose the cartels. Everyone has a price and a breaking point in the end.


This is a major conundrum. While it appears that people often quit for no discernible reason, I think that often it is because the match looks like it is going to be grossly lopsided. When they quit, they are prevented from playing the game until the match is over. In essence, the players are punished for Gearbox’s crappy matchmaking. Then they further exacerbate this by hiding things like team and level during the matching process, so you have no idea of how lopsided the match might be until you are in the character selection, and by then it is too late to quit without penalizing yourself and your team. I think that since they refuse to address the root of the problem, they need to go back to showing team status and levels and allow more time to evaluate the potential matchup. That way people can leave before the match starts.


Well, I can’t carry anyone, so even one ragequit results in something like this Meltdown game:

The sad part: The game wasn’t very lopsided and we were only 15 points behind, when that Ambra decided to die for the third time. She then sat in spawn until surrenders were possible, it didn’t go through, we were insulted and she left.

Was a little bit annoyed and tried my best to drag out the game and was a little bit gloating when she came back to surrender once more and insult us once more. Didn’t really feel like playing PvP again that day after that match though, I’m a little sensitive and this ruins the fun for me.

Another problem: I really don’t like the ragequits at map select. Especially in Bots Battle. Wanted to do one of the daily quests today (play 3 Meltdown matches) and only got into 2, because after that I always had the same person on the team who DCed on anything not Incursion which meant I had to sit through a minute of character select without being able to do anything. :frowning:

Bots Battle are easily doable even with only 1 or 2 players on the team. Please give me a chance to do dailies like that without wasting 2 hours for nothing. :frowning:


No no no no no, this isn’t right at all. Quite clearly something needs to be done, this is an issue that NEEDS to be addressed and affects the entire community.

It’s evident from both @Ashbweh and @wrriddle 's screenshots that Thorn is just too powerful! Somebody nerf her before this gets out of hand :neutral_face:


How about we wait until after the league to discuss that :joy:


In my case: I knew that Thorn player and he’s a few leagues above me skill wise. :smiley:

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That game looks pretty lopsided to me! You had three feeders on your team and got totally out leveled. It is a good example of how crappy the matchmaking is.

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It really wasn’t until that Ambra AFKed. Ambra had 300 hours on their steam profile, I had 450, the Thorn player had a little more than 700. The rest involved was 80 hours and below.

My teammates didn’t die that often until we were outnumbered (which happened when I hit level 3).


There is a reason we haven’t had much evidence to review so far - no.1 ban! Worse than Boldur :thinking:


Why should they care? Why would they feel any remorse? It isn’t just quitters, it’s people in general who abuse the game. The PlayStation community know of one individual, but I have seen his influence carry onto others, one of which was barely 100. This sh*t isn’t on.

I won’t ragequit. I have dignity and respect and above all, I show some well deserved loyalty. I understand others don’t, and they aren’t being punished enough. Yes, it’s a very tricky rope to walk, but there has to be something that can be done to differentiate between genuine and seriously leaving just to be jerks.

If it happens to me, I play on. I do so out of spite. But it isn’t fun. Sorry it happened to you two.

/rant over.


sometimes I like it when people quit. if im rolling around with @vagrantsun and our randos leave it leads to some of the most fun matches ever. Remember that epic 3 v 5? 10/10

anyway, it turns what would have been a boring stomp into a challenging and fun game. On the other hand if our randos quit against a solid team it pisses me off.

and if people quit on the enemy team I get instantly bored with the match.


I played a game today where I was solo qued with randoms. It was incursion on overgrowth and it was quite a balanced match until somebody on my team died for the second time and oh man that was just too much for them. They voted for surrender and it passed before any damage had even been done to our first sentry.

THEY SURRENDERD before ANY DAMAGE had been done to our sentry

This leads me to believe that some people are so worried about their personal k/d’s that they will leave a match if they are doing slightly bad regardless of which team is winning or even if a team is winning at that point AT ALL.


It’s gotten bad in recent days.

Was rolling with some friends yesterday, we had 6 teams surrender against us in a row (they were AHEAD sometimes but then we gained momentum back and they surrender? WTF?), then we got stomped once, then we had 4 MORE SURRENDERS IN A ROW.

Not consecutively, but today about 4 or 5 surrenders during our session.

And in fact it seems like HIGHER LEVEL / MORE EXPERIENCED players surrender more than newer / lower level ones!

As others have said, they must just want to protect that sacred K/D ratio AT ALL COSTS!!!

Lots of mid mid match leavers, both by randoms on my team and against it.


Rather than having to let them only wait until previous match is over, there should be another timer outside of that that requires them to be on the game while it counts down, similar to CoD.


I just want to get to wallhax.exe with Marquis! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!?!?!?


I know ■■■■ these people that leave and surrender early it’s like do you even know what a late game character is?


I NEVER play this game alone because every single time I solo queue or queue with anything less than a 5-man, I get many matches where my allies quit or are idle. Don’t tell me I’m just an outlier or unlucky, this happens far too consistently for that.

Honestly, I think that temporary bans should be a thing. Not stuff like “can’t join a new match until the one you quit is over”, I’m talking real bans based on the report system.

Such as, if players that are reported for leaving early multiple times in a short time period (such as 3 reports for disconnects in 6 hours), they are prevented from entering a queue for 24 hours.

Of course, the player has to have actually left for the ban to occur. For “frequently idle”, it’s a bit harder to prove that they were idle the whole match… false reports are 100% a thing and I could see people working together to ban people they don’t like.

Idk if temporary bans are already in place, because I’ve never heard of anyone getting hit by them. Then again, I don’t associate with scum like that.



I know there are a lot of other games that ban people for consistently quitting / leaving.

However, sadly, even though I know a ton of people have been reported for these shenanigans, across all platforms, I don’t think Gearbox ever has, or ever WILL, actually banana one, for fear of upsetting any of their few remaining players.

What a shame!