Quitters and Surrenders - What to do?

So, Ashbweh is slightly annoyed and has to make a thread about it…

I’ve had a relaxed day, just been chilling and I thought I’d hop onto Battleborn for the night.

First game.

It starts the game as a 4v5. I politely ask the DC’ed guy if he is coming back, to which they say “sorry I joined my friends lobby”. Thanks. So he goes off with his buddy care free, leaving me in a crappy situation. And they get absolutely no punishment for leaving at the start of the game. Great.

So the game goes on and one teammate is constantly trying to surrender, even when we were winning at one point. Why is that even an option? Then, to put the nail in the coffin (or whatever the saying is), he friggin leaves the game, when we’re WINNING!

And what does he lose? A bit of exp, I’m sure he doesn’t really care.

But I care.

I’m tryna have fun here but people just gotta ruin it with their “Oh no I died so I’m gonna quit” or “Our sentry took 1 point of damage I’m gonna surrender”. It ruins the game.

I hate surrendering with a bloody passion.

Now, I know there is nothing Gearbox can do about people, but they can put in some safegaurds in for people who despise it.

  1. Bot replacements - I think this has been mentioned somewhere before and it’s not the worst idea. Even though the bots are kinda dumb, it would be nice having something to take some of the damage.

  2. Lock matchmaking for players who DC from games - Take my example from my story, this guy who joined their friends lobby should not be able to search for a game with their friend, it should pop up with the message saying they need to join their current game.

  3. Banning - Okay, this is a controversial one as the playerbase isn’t big enough to be chucking bans around, and it could drive players away from the game. Then again, these quitters are driving me away from the game because I usually get off after an annoying game like that, so maybe the deserve to be punished with a small ban?

  4. Don’t actually start the match if someone DC’s in character select - I know this works for when people’s names don’t appear, but when it has the red symbol next to their name, the game will carry on. Maybe this should be changed?

  5. Take the surrender option out of the game - So many people I know despise it and always have. It is just so annoying. Whether it’s your teammates who surrender for you or the other team surrendering early, it just ruins the fun. If you’re getting stomped, try and fight back and don’t just give up. It’s a rarity that games end with a good comeback because of surrenders.

  6. Invite a friend - I’m not sure if this could be implemented into the game but it’s worth a shout. If someone DC’s then I can invite my friend to take their space. Of course there’s the problem that the DC’er may want to join back, so I’m not sure about this one.

Although I’m never gonna quit Battleborn cus I love the game, it does drive me away for a couple hours or so, and is pretty much the only reason I get off of it.

So, thoughts on this? Obviously I’m a little annoyed here :stuck_out_tongue:


I like all these ideas.

Also this.


As a rule I will never surrender a match. I feel like games have it in order to allow people a quick out when things are drasticaly going out of their favour. I don’t know if a player should be “locked” into a game but I do think that they should have a wait placed on them if they drop out. This happens alot in other games.


This should already be in game and has been there since launch, but apparently it has some situations where it doesn’t apply? Or has there always been a way to bypass the lock? I’ve never actually tried to check this one out, but I do know when I get DC’d and return to matchmaking, it’ll just prompt me to join the in-progress match.

There seems to currently be a difference between DC’ing in char select and never even loading it up. The rules should be the same for both, though before that they really need to revamp the way they cancel matches in this scenario in the first place.
You need to wait the whole char select timer, load in, it lags a little while in game, and then the match ends and you have to wait for the victory/defeat screen and then you can resume matchmaking. Is it just me or could this process be shortened a little bit?


For number 2, yes you can join a friends lobby and they can search for a game with you. Not sure if you can do it if you’re the host though, someone will have to answer that.

For number 4, I agree, especially in draft mode, where there’s DC’s, you still need to go through the whole ban/pick process.


You have to be in someone else’s lobby, me and some friends tested it way back when



coughs usethechattoformapremade coughs

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Things I’d like to see added for this;

  1. A desserter penalty, sinilar to the one found in Paladins. If you leave, get kicked for inactivity or don’t select a character at any point in any match, you’ll get a desserter penalty lasting for 5 minutes which locks you out of all matchmaking. In Battleborn this penalty could be something around 10-15 min. after the original match has ended with increasing returns if the person keeps leaving matches.

  2. A cap as to how many times one player can call for a surrender, maybe a delay between them as well. It’s annoying getting into games where one player decides to spam surrender attempts every 4-5 minutes. Make it so that you can call for a surrender for a maximum of two times a match, with at least 8 minutes between them.

  3. Lock re-joining players from calling for a surrender. Ome people seem to use it as a tactic; Leave - The Match is still going - Re-join to call for a surrender - Team Refuses - Player leaves again.

I will say though that this doesn’t bother me as much as it seemingly bothers others. I can think it sucks for the moment when it happens, and maybe after the match. But I quickly shrug it off and it’s mostly just a mild, momentary annoyance. If even that. At times I almost wish teammates will DC to make for more interesting matches.

I remember we had a game a while back where two teammates quit on us and I crossed my fingers that the third one would leave as well to see how well we’d do with just the two of us against a full team in Meltdown :sweat_smile:



What he said, especially that last part.

Question: if someone in your team surrender and refuce and lets say 2 of them dc, can you try to surrender right after it?

I remember once when i was alani vs @FlamesForAll and 2 of my team dced after they tried and failed to surrend 1 afked and the other just cried for not being able to surrender in the mic.

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Literally cried?


Yeah iirc he was orendi and i think dende (nemo) and benedict (vargant) were with you, i was alani.

This poor guy just died every single time he ran out of the spawn in meltdown for 5 mins, i died once ( i made that game, dont die game).

This guy was like, why i cant surrender?! I cant quit why they are so mean?! I sent him some tips to play orendi and to dont take it personally, it helped but quited at lvl 56.

One of those times i just cant forget like the time a lvl3 thorn sniped the enemy team with just her basic attack and awfull ult timing.


If you are in a match and accept a lobby invite then you can enter another match without having to complete the one in progress. In other words you don’t have to make your friends wait for you to finish your match before you team up with them.

Surrender is a necessary function. Partly because of the DCs. i had someone on my team voting for surrender while we were winning the other day. He was doing really well too. After we won I sent him a message asking why he was trying to surrender. He said his stomach hurt and he had to take a crap. It is unfortunate that people abuse the surrender option but it exists for a good reason and I have to give that guy props for clenching on and not just DC or go idle.


Omg that made me laugh!!

Once i had to quit right at the start, my brother had an accident (fell and was bleeding) , i got a mail asking why i left.

I couldnt wait for a surrender i just turned off the damn thing.


Yeah real life must come first.



Death (numerous times) before dishonor; that is all…

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The surrender option is absolutely not for emergencies. When life comes knocking hard, you are supposed to drop whatever it is you are doing immediately.

Who in their right mind would start a surrender? Would they only attend to the problem if it passes?
Assuming you are not in a 5 man group, how is everyone ever going to know that you are trying to surrender because of something that came up? The rest of the team is going to refuse the surrender because they have no idea what is happening.

(Health and well being of others) > (video game).


I agree with this^, though won’t argue if my team surrenders on the basis of someone needing to go do something. I know when I need to leave at a moment’s notice because of life, i do just that: leave; why ruin my team’s chance at having a good match, 4v5 or no?


A family member, friend, or pet dies, gets injured, or has a serious emergency 6-8 times every time I play Battleborn!

Maybe I should stop playing Battleborn!