Quitters and Surrenders - What to do?

My idea is this and I´m sure many people thought of similar things. Won´t go through all the older related topics to check, I´ll just assume it´s a rather common idea.

Make the Surrender-option only available if

  • the match lasts over 10min-15min. This would make early surrender impossible. (Could backfire off course, eg. if one or more teammates DC right at start…)

  • your team has far less points than the rival team(Meltdown/Capture)

  • your team lost the 1st Sentry

There are surely more indicators that a team is on the loosing side, which could get used to only give the surrender-option only to the team that has a clear disadvantage.

I also agree that the Surrender-option is not used to drop out of the game to solve RL-emergencies. If something like this happens most people shortly yell over mic that they need to leave because X is on fire and then they go.
They won´t call for surrender again and again for 10minutes.

There were countless topics arround surrendering, DCing and quitter-issues, next time please use the searchfunction and rather contribute to a similar topic than opening a new one.
(Counts not if a new made topic prevents a necro, better new than necro)


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The good news is you got a full team to start a match. The bad news is that four of them left. Frustrating but I never quit or surrender. I play as hard as I can to keep the match going so the leavers can’t start a new match. If they left for an emergency, they won’t care. The people who just quit can just sit and wait.


Although your points may cause games to last a bit longer, [quote=“Ganjamira, post:21, topic:1559450”]
your team has far less points than the rival team(Meltdown/Capture)

and[quote=“Ganjamira, post:21, topic:1559450”]
your team lost the 1st Sentry

is one of the reasons I think surrenders should be taken out of the game.

If you’re playing sports, let’s say American Football since most people are American, and the other team scores a touchdown or two, you don’t just give up do you?

I know people may say “this is just a game it doesn’t matter” but games are meant to be fun, and for me surrenders always take the fun out of the game.


I guess I would make the same argument for other people. Sometimes the long, drawn out losses aren’t fun for the more inexperienced players and they would sooner try to get into a more evenly matched game.

Now I will say, I wont be the one to call for a surrender, if I can help some inexperienced players by supporting them in gaining practice against a team of veterans, then great! But if those players call for a surrender and I can understand why, then I would take into consideration that I’m trapping them in a game they aren’t enjoying and possibly being farmed for kills.

The way this game is designed can create something of a snowball effect, falling behind in levels only creates an uphill struggle. Yeah I have seen the epic Incursion turn arounds but I’m also able to tell if the other team are good enough to avoid multiple deaths simultaneously/hold the lane.

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I say just remove the surrender option.
I have idiots trying to surrender when we are winning in a bots battle. It’s irritating.


We would all be better off if you got over your irrational fear of surrendering.

With matchmaking being as horrible as it is, it can take many many tries to get a match that is competitive. The faster you make those tries, the better your odds.

I’ve played since beta and the problem of self-appointed surrender police trying to force other people to sit in crappy games is approximately 10-100 times worse than the surrender happy folks in the first days of this game.

Please just get over it and accept reasonable surrenders…


Okay it kinda looks like you’re trying to subtly offend me here so… don’t.

But the problem is that I’ve been in so many matches where there has been so much potential for a long, good game, but something doesn’t quite go someone’s way and they quit/surrender because of it. People don’t understand that comebacks are actually possible, but they’re only possible if you try.

If you’re sitting in a crappy game then just play it out, see what happens. Chances are you can learn something from being stomped.
I don’t understand, are you saying people are happy after surrendering? Happy because they’ve had so much fun giving up? Sounds like a blast!

To me there aren’t many reasonable surrenders, if you give up you’re just ruining the fun for everyone.


Well I guess I can’t disagree with you sense you’ve self-appointed yourself the expert on what is “fun”… but non self-righteous people who just want higher match quantity and match quality will happily surrender matches that are obviously bad to reach that goal.

In case you didn’t figure it out, all of those people surrendering and agreeing to it aren’t having fun. Probably because they have higher hopes and expectations than you?

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I’m just saying this from my experience, you never hear anyone say “yay the other team surrendered”. Hence, why I’m saying surrendering kills the fun.

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I call for surrender if I believe the game is out of reach. It is my right to do so, just as it is your right to vote against it. If two other people on the team agree with me, game ends. Why does that upset you? Why would you want surrender removed as an option?

You know what pisses me off? People who don’t vote one way or another. The game should throw a huge pop up in the middle of your screen forcing you to say yes or no. And there should be a microphone requirement so that you can explain your decision either way.

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When people don’t vote it’s sometimes because there is so much going on and the game is so intense that there isn’t time to vote either way.

To me, this signals a good game win or lose.


Awful idea. Stop.


Yep. Because I play video games because I love arbitrary rules placed on me. Lets make gaming far more like “work” and real life than it already can be. If I’m not voting to surrender I’m not voting at all as I am busy playing a game, enjoying myself, and perhaps…trying to win. Also “explain my decision” requirement. I have enough trouble not saying something that could offend so I don’t need to explain my decisions to anyone I am in a game with. It seems asinine to assume you are owed a vote or an explanation after telling someone else they shouldn’t be bothered by others voting for surrender.


First thought: why not just stop moving and let the enemy kill me?

I hope this is a Joke. I play healers 80% of the time, im bussy keeping everyone alive. I dont have time to say no every single time.

Yes there are times to surrender but if 1 member of the team is going 0-16-1 and everyone else is doing good or positive k/d and start to spam the surrender because he/she is doing bad. No! Hell no! Im not surrendering.

If we lost 1 person i’ll consider the surrender option but not before trying to win.


Refusing to surrender on a one sided match adds more boredom to the existing game. I’ve come to the conclusion that some players simply enjoy losing. Case and point on the picture below. I started vote for surrender as soon as I could, all the way till the end. Everyone kept declining while they didn’t help at all.

While we are comparing a video game to a real life event then I will do the same for the other side of the story. We all know there are people that dislike their jobs/career, They live miserably doing the same daily routine. Their attitude become negative and in turn affects those around them… yet they refuse to quit and start something better. That’s equivalent to some players that refuse to surrender on a one sided match in a pug team. I repeat in a PUG team, premades do not belong in this topic.


This entire debate is why I very deliberately only Solo queue so very, VERY rarely.

Talon of the hawk on Rath… hmm

Solo queuing has its downsides but it’s a much better environment to improve player’s skill. If you’re a badass as a solo player, you’ll be much more in a premade while not necessarily true the other way around


What if John McClane would have surrendered??? He would have just died hard but instead he died hard twice and even once with a vengeance. Never surrender and eventually you’ll be unbreakable.


Lol I’ll accept that point because it made me laugh.