Quitting a game due to team and having to wait till the match is over before being able to play another match

Problem with online matches where team mates won’t play objective and you’re stuck on a losing battle since they don’t want to play as a team with you, you quit only to find you have to wait till that match is over until you can play again

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This is intentional, you’re not supposed to quit. You can try and vote for a surrender in the options menu if you so desire.


I understand it’s intentional and to be honest I was hoping people didn’t see me as whiny for posting this. My point though is I know they have it so people won’t quit games and ruin everyone’s experience but the same thing happens when you play with people that are uncooperative and that’s very aggravating. It’s a double edged sword.

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Ya, while I feel like Gearbox made the right decision overall, Ive definitely been frustrated by it too. I feel like an enhanced surrender system would be very helpful. I don’t think it should have the 30 second timer because allies might be busy doing somthing important when it pops up. I also think it should be more accessible and be a bit more flashy for the other team than the game just ending all of the sudden. At least some victory music would be cool.

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People who leave are scum



Their child has woken up, their dog has been sick, their cat has just bought them a special gift, there’s someone at the door…

All reasons for leaving that don’t make a person ‘scum’.

Sure, it’s inconvenient, and maybe even a little rude, but let’s keep games in perspective.


*People who leave because they’re mad they’re losing maybe?

I didn’t know game has such feature.

I think that’s pretty awesome.

If I leave match because of something important, it’s probably OK to wait a bit too…

Ideally, there should be an option to join same match again, just because of some ‘urgent’ interruptions… Maybe AFK is the solution ? Unless there is some kind of auto-kick :slight_smile:


Oh, they’re definitely scum.

I’m joking. It’s an eternal problem, but one that I don’t think is helped by generalisations.

You do have the option to rejoin the game you quit if it is still in progress.


I am really hoping that a report system is added cause I’ve had many games where a team member just decided “hey let me just run into my enemy’s fire and let them kill me over and over that’ll be so much fun” and next thing I know the other team has far out leveled us and we have no choice but to surrender

Maybe he was just trying hard and getting killed over and over again ? Sometimes that happens to me too, haha

I logged in and am making my first post because of this thread.


In other games, having someone quit my team because their feelings are hurt only to put the rest of us at a gross disadvantage is not my idea of fun. I’d rather put forth the best effort and learn from the experience.

I’ll admit, I have pre-emptively quit before a match launched when I was highest level on our team (12) and got matched up with a party of 5 level 30+

Was just like nope nope nope.

The feature is a Moba norm.

How about finishing the game because it doesn’t count as a win/lost until the game is over.

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Many people are new to this game. Wait until full release comes out and Skill-Based matchmaking is implemented. It will take time for people to realize what they need to be doing. Right now people focus on kills and overextending/bad positioning rather than what actually wins games. Minions.

As well sometimes it’s the only character trying to push to the objective while everyone else tried to hide behind someone else causing the team to be pretty useless cause only one person is pushing while everyone is running scared.

That’s definitely been me before

I agree this feature needs to be chanced a little, or give the option to surrender a better notice. I missed the surrender vote so many times in this game. Or voted to surrender and no one voted to cancel. Maybe move the surrender vote to the middle of the screen, then move off to the side. Or just give us the option to spam it a little.