Quitting at character select

Ok…I hope something plans to be done because I am afraid this new matchmaking may drive people away…6 games in a row of incursion overgrowth was selected (each different random lobbies)…I did not vote for this…so there is no way I am playing continuously in a mode I do not want to be in. I told them at the character select they may want to quit or they would be 4v5 because I was not about to play another round…the game will not start if there are 3 or less on one team and then they could rematch in a new lobby. So if a team decides to keep going with 4 people I am stuck waiting for potentially 30 minutes or so…so then I have to ask myself am I really going to wait all this time to get another shot at another game (that very well may end up the same mode again)…or move on to a completely different game (overwatch, titanfall, etc…). It may seem like a I’m taking my toys and going home if I don’t get my way mentality…but this may really hurt the number of base players who are routinely putting up with modes they don’t want to be in.

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