Quitting Battleborn Now Is Like Surrendering A PVP Match!

Stick it out, Battleborn players!

Just like there is always a chance for a crazy last minute turnaround in a Battleborn match, I have faith that our beloved game will get through these rocky times and come out the other side stronger, better, and with more players!

Don’t give up hope, comrades!



oh man. I needed this laugh.

I’m done come the end of October. Doesn’t matter what they do. Titanfall 2 comes out.



I think ill have to invest in that one, hearing great things!

Yep. that’s just how it is. I get 2-3 games a year. Once I get that one, i’ll play it until probably march sometime. By then, a new game will come out and repeat the process. I’m sure TF won’t come without it’s own problems. Such as life in the world of release now, fix later…

I don’t usually quit for good but do take breaks for other games or life in general. That being said I’ll probably keep playing this mostly for the missions.

I just love how easily people are giving up on the game.

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Much like any game I like that has DLC. I play it until I’m bored and tgen periodically come back with each new release. Which is what I’ve been doing with this game for about a month.

I would stil play Bb if it weren’t for microtransactions.
Now Carmageddon: Max Damage, Fallout 4, Borderlands 2 and Guilty Gear have priority on my PS4.

I wouldn’t say people gave it up easily. The game has been out for 4 months now and many people are incredibly frustrated with it

Edit: Originally wrote 6 months… it has been a long day for me.


I’m still playing for hours daily and am far from giving up.

It’s just each day it gets a little more frustrating, especially in the light of how amazing the Chaos Rumble week was for me.


It will survive. The potential this game has is just so immense. Gearbox has created a universe of possibilities here. The varelsi and who knows what other races have been extinguishing life throughout an entire universe. The first 25 Battleborn may just be the very first wave that have gathered to fight back. Each of them has a life story, a past, a home planet, and a future. I’m impatiently waiting for Kleese and Nova to find one of the vaults. >:)

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That was my favourite PC game for soooo long in my early teens!

I feel like the story in the game in a way represents the story of the game itself. People fighting hard to keep it alive (Solus/Battleborn) and at the end it looks like everything is lost but then it is revealed that they survived to fight another day. Anyone else think that this is what’s going to happen?


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I resent the notion that people are giving up “easily” in a game out more than 4 months with matchmaking that can take in excess of an hour even on PS4. Do you really honestly believe that the game is worth sitting in match making for an hour to get a match that will end in surrender in under 10 minutes?

How many times should we do this before you think it is ok to move on without passing judgement?
Other games don’t operate this way and the ones that do die, plain and simple.


Sure there are those who have given up on it and left and those who have had enough of it for whatever reasons.

Me personally, if I could consistently find matches here in Australia during the week I’d play 1-3 a night (I reaaaallllyyyy want that Worthy of Song title like rest of you good players) however there is matchmaking issues which has been discussed often and at length.

As for PVE I’ve done all the lore and honestly burned out from those 8 missions. I’m pumped for the operations missions and unlike some, not phased when they are released. I’m still a massive fan of this game despite the flaws & put more time into it than most rpg games (i.e Witcher 3 at 199hrs).

I’m not giving up on it but there is a whole bunch of games I’m now more excited to play for a break/change of pace.

To everyone who is sticking with the game (even if you are taking a break for a while) I’d like to thank you.



You’re welcome.


Yoh are welcome. Been playing since launch. Thanks gearbox for a great game. Can not wait until the dlc drops. I got to get the season pass here soon. It sucks being broke. Lol.


Please, explain how microtransactions negatively affected your time with BB so much that it drove you to quit playing?
Because as far as i can see, people spending money on platinum for skins and xp boost’s doesnt effect me, or you, or anyone else’s gaming experience in the slightest, meaning your just using this as an excuse.
Dont be so childish.