Quitting because someone chose Pendles before you

Please, stop it.

I pretty much always try to keep my posts positive and helpful, but It seems I can’t even get a game going.

Everyone will get a chance to use him. Game after game resulting in 4 v 5 match ups or the game not even starting because too many people quit out.

I implore you. Your time with Pendles will come as well. Please just pick another character for that round.

Thanks. :acmaffirmative:


Yep, seem a bunch of Alanis and Pendles in my games. Makes sense, they were buddies at their original home world. Wonder how many Ernie birds we’ll see when he comes along?

If someone beats me to Pendles I just pick someone with Reveal.


@Kaleidodemon That’s the ticket!

ill be definitely trying him out since he intrigues me more than pendles does.

I was worried about this but so far knock on wood it’s literally not happened to me once. I usually load first 99.99999% of the time so if I want Pendles, I can get him. But if I’m in the same group for more than one round, I’ll ask if anyone else wants to try him out before just snatching him up again. Seems like the fairest way to go about it.

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Luckily in PvP I haven’t seen quits. Thanksfully in PvE everyone can pick snek. Because I’ve done 3 advanced missions with 4 pendleses.

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Haha looks like a Battleborn devoid field of play for much of the match.

Hell if you want to play him that badly, go play Versus Private and get your experience in against some bots.

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Actually, quitting because someone else chose Pendles is a very viable option. You see - many people are only playing him to get his lore done and as 1 critical element of his lore is PVP I never get mad at people who quit because someone else picked “their” character. I’ve done this plenty of times

You are spouting at the wrong people. You should say, “Gearbox, stop making PVP only lore challenges!”

As it stands I HAVE to play PVP with you and I HAVE to play as Pendles to unlock his legendary & lore. That means I have to play public and HAVE to play him otherwise there is no point.

I’d LOVE if I could get these lore challenges done in private PVP. I’d LOVE if I could exclusively get these challenges done in PVE. But I can’t you see. So if I quit because someone took Pendles it isn’t MY problem


Um, whether you stay and play as a different character or quit because you didn’t get your way, you still can’t play another pvp match until that first one finishes. You’re locked out of making any progress with pendels for that time period either way so…yea…that would be YOUR problem.


I feel like I’m being trolled, but I’ll bite just this once.

Nobody said it isn’t a “viable” option. It absolutely is one, but as @jerms85 pointed out, you’re still locked out of pvp until the game ends regardless and you just ruined a game for 9 other people.

It’s a kind person that thinks beyond their own immediate needs.

Strictly pvp lores are not my favourite, but they are what they are and they are what we have right now.

You have the right to play (or quit) as you choose. You dropped the same cash I did for the game. Sure I pick Pendles to work on his lore if the opportunity presents itself (which is rare because I am usually the last person to be able to pick my character), but if someone gets to him first and I see the team composition needs a healer, I’ll pick one, even though I have all of the support characters mastered, because it isn’t just about me. It’s about the 9 other people that queued up for the game as well.

All I am asking is that people please look at the bigger picture. Everyone will get a chance to play as him. I can’t force anyone to stay for the game, nor would I want to if you really don’t want to be there and would be a detriment to the team. But I CAN ask, as I did.


I just quit if I see Pendles on the opposite team. He kills the fun for me that much. Nothing that has been suggested works to counter him.

As a new player. Well, probably soon ex-new player…

It may or may not help, but for what it’s worth, I’ve found both Toby and Ambra to be excellent counters to him.

Because Pendles has to get so close to attack, I find a stun mine to his face then a backwards dash and a charge shot or two (especially if your shield is up) does wonders towards making him retreat or taking him out entirely. Toby also has a helix option to see stealthed enemies when aiming down sights (although I have read this may be glitched).

Ambra’s sunspots don’t let him hide, her solar wind (and mutation) can push him away and he can’t keep up with her overshield sprint speed helix when you need to book it out of there.

The thing with Pendles is that he IS quite squishy and by getting a few shots on him and chasing off will generally take him out of the fight for a while (if there is no healer with him especially) as he has to teleport back to base quite frequently to refill his health.

But if you truly hate fighting against him and he ruins your experience, I can understand and respect that. I just wanted to provide some maybe helpful info.


See, people say he is squishy but he has killed Pheobes easy. Maybe I am ■■■■■■ with her but I am attacking him full on and nope, wasted.

I have tried everything against him and it doesn’t work. I really appreciate all the advice but it is not working for me. It is hard enough to learn to play this game. And then a character gets introduced that changes everything in my opinion from what I was learning.

So this is probably the last chance I am giving this game today. He has totally ruined my experience combined with the bad matchmaking. It is sad, I really like the ideas behind this game and loved it at first. But I don’t think GBX knows what it is doing when it comes to balancing.

Not to mention gear. He may be squishy until you pack him with gear to increase his health, which I assume a lot of people are. It seems the advice I get always forgets that gear can change him real quick.

The pendles vs phoebe is an interesting matchup to say the least. I find phoebe to be in similar vein. If you are by yourself and phoebe gets the drop on you, you are most likely dead. what it comes down to is who gets the drop on who and how your team responds. The best way to deal with phoebe for example is for your team to turn on her when she goes in for a kill. This usually does not happen in pugs, hence her ability to carry teams. The same goes for pendles. If your team turns on him, he is usually dead or booking it out of there.

In terms of strategy if you are ambushed by him in a 1v1 with phoebe, I have a couple suggestions. If he initiates with his slow, don’t run away. He will be able to keep up with you and take advantage of his attacking from behind bonus damage. Face him and use a quick melee slap to make some distance as he is quite slow when uncloaked. He also suffers from the same problem as phoebe where most of her attacks are all frontal. This means that circling him will make it hard for him to land hits, and if anything phoebe excels at this by using her true strike attack. If you see him land your slow on him as soon as possible as cc makes pendles have a very bad day.

Once the player realizes you aren’t an easy target, he’ll try to go after your teammates, and this is where phoebe excels. If you’re not who he is initiating on, that leaves you to protect your team from him by slowing him whenever he goes in for a kill.

Positioning is a big part of counteracting pendles as he is at his best at punishing out of position players and sneaking into team fights. Focusing him fast makes easy work of him, and thus giving you’re team an advantage being up a player.

I have been trying this. When he slows you, it is too late. She is not mobile. Any decent player already knows a true strike is coming to dodge and is turning to smack you more. I have hit him and hit him and he never goes down.

I am just starting to think this game is not for me. I do thank you for the advice. It just seems I can’t turn it into results against him.

Fair enough. Phoebe is one character I don’t play very often, so I haven’t experienced that yet.

I agree whole heartedly with the matchmaking. I’m not enjoying that part either.

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