Quitting BL3: The Fall Of The Borderlands

As a long time BL player I have conquered every challenge that has been put in the games. but this new content Broke me. It’s the equivalent to fighting master Gee without a shield. But at least with Gee you couldn’t be INSTA KIlLED… or fall of 1 of 1000 cliffs. I made it to the first boss only to fall to my death because I didn’t know I had to jump at the bottom of the slide… and if you play it on multiplayer - good luck with the slightest bit of lag because you will miss most jumps and FAIL.

Maybe if they tested the content before they release it this wouldn’t happen! We even waited a extra WEEK Clearly for nothing. I would say thanks for the memories but anytime I think about good times with BL games I think about 1&2 because they had character and reason for doing things teramorphos was extremely hard but you didn’t need to fight though 100 things just as hard as him to get the chance to kill him. And even Crawmerax- the first ever raid boss is more fun then this because at least you can avoid being knocked of stage by running to the Side with a Wall…

And besides all this: the takedown is STILL not the only problem with the game. Only 1/100 so I don’t have high hope for the future.


Your opinion is very valuable to our data collection. Thank you very much for being a beta-tester of the Guardian Takedown and giving us your feedback. We salute you front line testers for your dedication and bravery!


There’s a thread about this already.