Quitting during end credits

I was playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Handsome Collections, PS4). I defeated the final boss and the end credits started rolling. I watched these for a while (the accompanying illustrations were cool and filled in some of the BL story). But I had something else to do. It didn’t seem possible to skip the credits (I’m sure I tried pressing all the buttons on my controller). So I quit the game while the credits were still rolling; i.e., I closed the application using the PS4 operating system.

When I next played the game, I discovered that all the loot I had collected from the final boss (including at least one legendary) had disappeared from my inventory, and the last stage of the final story mission was still incomplete. I thought this meant I would have to kill the final boss again (not the end of the world). But when I went to its location, it did not respawn. In effect I have lost the opportunity to receive any loot from the final boss.

So my advice is do not quit during the end credits!

Well, you need to let the game save before you quit. What you did is only slightly less bad than a power failure. I agree that all games should make saving & quitting possible at any time (because of real-world intrusions), but unfortunately, it’s often not the case. Now, the credits are very skippable in my X360 version of the game. Are you saying it can’t be done on THC? That would suck.

On PS3, with some gentle button mashing, i have always been able to cut the end credits off (seen them sooo many times!) after about 30 seconds.

Really sucks you lost your sweet loot!

on xbox you can quit them by pressing “B”

I was able to skip the credits on the second attempt. I don’t know which button did it, because I was randomly mashing them all in desperation. For some reason it didn’t work the first time. Perhaps I didn’t wait long enough?

I think the “second attempt” thing may be key.

I seem to remember you can’t skip the credits during first time viewing.

You can fast forward them at any time using the sticks. You can also scroll then backwards…

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PC master race. Hit escape, skip credits, keep loot.

I’ll see your ‘Esc’ and raise you a ‘B’.


You can quit out of them the first time too, though I can’t say if it’s right away, or after a little while. I know because I did it, after listening to the first song in that sequence.

You feel bad for skipping credits? Well when you skip credits in tales of the borderlands a notification will pop up saying “telltale will remember that”.

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On PC and using the 360 wireless gamepad, hitting B skips the credits … at any time … at least I don’t remember it not working the 1st time.

On 360 you can definitely skip the credits on any play-through as stated. You can hit the button too soon, though, so you can end up hitting it more than once before it actually skips.