Quitting in Matchmaking

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since about a week, Matchmaking is better. I mean the queing time off course, the matchmaking itself is not very balanced. Because 9/10 ends in rage quitting teammembers, I decided to quit every game in matchmaking when I am stuck with <10 in my team. I just get the hell out of the room and search for a better team. I can understand this is annoying, but it really helps getting a better team, instead of a bunch of complete noobs. Am I the only one doing this?

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I decided to stay in every game. It’s a good opportunity to learn how to defend powerplays.

These are the coolest victories, although they are rare. Haha

I also dont want to be the guy to ruin someone else’s game. Sometimes people have to wait a while to get matched and I feel bad ditching people.


I’m doing the same thing, if I see a a couple of people under CR20 I just leave before the game finds opponents.

I have a ton of respect for people who want to pick up the teacher role.

But having said that it’s not the reason that I’m queueing for. I’m there to play a match not to babysit someone who has no concept of how a MOBA works.

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One time, I was in a 4 man team with a rando, the rando left and never came back, so we were playing Alani (pre-nerf), Reyna, Rath, and Benedict agaist Miko, ISIC, Kleese, Marquis, and Whiskey Foxtrot.

Their ISIC was being healed constantly by Miko and Kleese, and yet we managed to hold onto our first sentry until the 13 minute mark.

At the 6 minute mark, we nearly lost our last sentry, but we beat them back, destroyed their first sentry, and destroyed their last sentry in the last 30 seconds of the match. Rekt.


The difference there is that you’re already talking about some more advanced concepts such as the flow of the game.

I should’ve mentioned that I’m mainly talking about those that are CR10(/20) and under. People who have no concept of clearing the minion wave, buying buildables for xp, map layout out, shard spawn timers, … I understand that everyone has to learn but I’d rather not end up in games where basics like that have to be explained.

Which is also why a ranked mode would be nice to have. Go to the current system to learn and experiment, queue for ranked for a serious game. This split would be rough for PC but on console it should be fine.

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How do you know they have no concept of a moba if you are leaving during matchmaking?

I understand that they are low CR but some players are pretty smart and will be able to transfer knowledge of other games to this game.

If you say kill the turret, shoot the minions, etc. Those are easy concepts to understand.


It’s playing a game of dice. Could they be transferring knowledge? Yes but I don’t know.

When I’m starting a game I don’t want to have to worry about will this team mate know that there’s 3 doors on overgrowth, that each of them has an optimal shard route, that large shards will spawn at min 28 and every 2 min after, that as Oscar Mike you’d better be clearing the wave instead of chasing someone, that yes you need to buy the big bot, that you’re better off waiting to buy the bot until you took the thrall, …

We’re not even talking gear sets, helix builds, character picks, positioning, taking out turrets first during a push so the next one is stronger, building turrets on meltdown, …

There’s a lot of little things that matter and that you take for granted if you’ve played for a while but that you might have to explain. I got a variable amount of time that I can actually play and I’d rather be playing than teaching a class. So yes, I will avoid rolling the dice as much as possible.

Alrighty, have fun.

You too!

What a hugely selfish way of playing, if these people were leaving your matchmaking you would be crying, not cool bro! not cool

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Not really since it’s on the queue screen, you just wait for the next person to get added.

Leaving in matchmaking is 100x better than leaving in character select.

I am leaving before the game starts, in queing. I am playing Kleese and I can tell you it is extremely frustrating with newbies.

I don’t usually address players directly in this forum, but I see a coward talking here.


Not sure how that sentence could be interpreted that way but if that’s how you want interpret it like that it’s fine by me.

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i dunno about coward, but selfish i really do feel

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About making them sit in queue a bit longer? :confused:

Do you know what would be really helpful for the noobs? Not matching them up against someone who is going to do nothing but farm kills off them. I bet you learn a lot more about the game when you dont spend 75% of looking at a death timer


if everyone did what you are doing battleborn would die because of a lack of new blood, so you will have no one to play against as people as they naturally do drift away, sure the hardcore will stay but even they will get fed up of seeing the same opponents. so you are essentially leaving other people to play with the newcomers because you do not want to, pretty sure thats the definition of selfishness no? Instead of seeing low levels and either wimping out? or being elitest, bite the bullet and plow through, but either way it’s selfish or cowardly

Edit forgive the spelling/grammer mistakes i am ready for bed