Quitting matches

I understand why they want those who quit to be penalized a certain way by not being able to start a new match, but sometimes that is the wrong way to do this. I don’t want to be penalized for leaving a team who does not go after objectives. I play capture to win, not to play TDM. This also goes for those who quit immediately after map selection and shaft teams on having a full team. I don’t think anyone should be penalized for leaving a team if their team loses a player, or the rest of the team is not going after objectives. It is unfair to everyone who is trying to play to have to sit out or stay with the poor team.

Between this, the ridiculous spawn times (they really don’t make sense, no matter how hard you try to justify them), the terrible match making times, and even having to sit through the 90 seconds even when the team is fully locked in, I think they forgot people may want to play this game.

I get what you are saying but how is this fair to players wanting a fair match? Why can’t you mic up and try to help your team understand how to win instead of rage quitting? Eventually you should be matched with similarly skilled players but that wont happen if you keep quitting when things don’t go your way.

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I don’t think you get what I am saying by implying I am “rage quitting” or quitting when "things don’t go my way. Read my post again because I think you only read what you wanted to read.

Did I offend you by implying you may be doing the things you say you should be allowed to do? I’m sorry, but I’m sure other people would assume the same.

Anyways, so you’re not quitting, okay…but you’re trying to say you should be allowed to when things arent being done correctly by other people. Got it.

You also completely ignored my questions.

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The match is already unfair, since one player left /or/ the rest of your team plays team deathmatch instead of doing the objective. I saw players wandering around the map way too often. Telling them to go stand on capture point doesn’t work - believe me, I tried.

Now, I’m not surrendering, ever. I’d rather sit through annihilation and get some XP instead of chickening away and getting nothing. Both are a waste of time (you need to queue and wait again), but one yields some points at least.

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Tonight I was in a match and 5 minutes in its still 100-100 and we are a little over matched and my team surrendered. I understand losing isn’t great fun but you can’t win every single game. Why are some people so weak? I don’t think there’s an answer to this but I would like to see players able to join late to fill the spot of quitters.


The issue I am addressing here is the awful matchmaking system and knowing you lost the match before it even began. I don’t care if my team is getting destroyed when I have a full team and we are “evenly” matched (not single digit team taking on 40s+).

Never give up, never surrender. You should be penalized harder for letting your teammates out to dry. Especialy if your teammates are not the greatest.


I still think you are missing my point here. These matches are often imbalanced, and when you have a full team, there is no system to put another member onto a team after one or two get disconnected. And those who run off onto their own thing, that just puts the rest of the team at a disadvantage anyways and guarantees a loss. None of these games are won by kills, so those chasing their KD are screwing other players. I am not going to tell people how to play the game they bought with their money, but I am going to raise the issue of being forced into ■■■■■■ situations and being penalized for not wanting to stick around.

I can take a beating and usually do not surrender, the issue is not with losing. However, knowing you have lost before the match starts is BS, and so is forcing players to play with a group that treats all game modes as TDM, since there is no TDM.

It has nothing to do with teammates skill level. If we lose, we lose. As long as we try and are not set up for failure before the match starts.

You just need a good O.M. or Thorne to stop minion waves. The other players can go push the enemy off the field. That’s how games are won.

Edit: if you are playing Meltdown you need 2 AOE characters to stop minion waves.

So… This is a disguised “matchmaking sux” thread?


Basically, but also commenting on the poor system of punishment for rage quitters as well as it punishes others trying to deal with the poor match making system. Match making is pretty broke, and the consequences of the “must rejoin group or not play” system forces players into no-win situations, often before the match starts.

You’re arguing in circels mate.

This line seems to be clear to me. I’m sticking to my point that you should never ragequit. Vote to surrender, and if it fails suffer through. Having a bad game is no excuse to get up and leave. If you do ragequit often, you’ll never experience the rare but amazingly satisfying comebacks.


Yeah, this seems to be a new trend. Same thing happened to me on an Incursion match. Our first sentry took a little damage like 4 minutes in and someone calls for surrender. Then he quits the match when we didn’t surrender.

The match went on for another good 15 minutes before my team surrendered while we still had both our sentry’s up. The first one was like at half life.

People are so selfish and take things way too serious. Just have fun.


Isn’t rage quitting quitting when your team just sucks and is losing? And doesn’t it involve “rage”? Neither of those things are what I am addressing here, and I am fine with those players being punished.

Quit the semantics.

It’s still ragequitting, by any other name.

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Your justification for quitting is not ample to not call it ragequitting. The only reason I quit sometimes is because of lagg. I restart my ps4 and come back into the game asap (it works for me, probably bad wifi).

Absolutely it is. Situational factors make it justifiable to quit when you don’t even start with a complete team, or your team is standing around at the top of the map chasing other players while completely ignoring the fact the other team has all of them, or is completely destroying yours? You know the one or two disconnected players at character select screen are not going to be replaced… You would waste your time entering a race if you were told you only get half a gas tank and your pit crew is only going to change tires, not refuel or do anything else? Who wants to be forced to play with half of a deck of cards?

You can quit in the character selection screen when someone does not connect. Than everyone will be booted and be better of for it. You making a 4v5 a 3v5 when the match has started is even more nasty than the first guy that left.

This is ragequitting. You’re angry at your team, and leave.

Again, the game will disconnect when 2 people on the same team leave the game. So just leave during character selection when you see that one of your teammates does not connect.

Uhm… Yes… No? idk what you’re trying to say, really… If someone lets me compete in a race I would join regardless just for ■■■■■ and giggles. Drive the wrong way just like in Mariokart.

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