Quitting this game because of Rath

I know this will sound petty but I’m pretty much done with this game until Rath gets a BIG nerf. I love everything about this game. I’m level 100. I’ve been working towards each characters lore challenges but he is beyong ridiculous. His ult. needs to be nerfed, especially the speed at which he moves. I was in match (winning) and Rath wasn’t giving us any real problems until after he got his ult. He had 1 kill before hand then 21 at he got his ult and they eventually won the match. The freaking team came back from a 50-100 due to this piece of ■■■■ character. And I don’t want to hear about communication, or stunning him, or whatever. Once he pops his stupid ult anything near him is dead. Even as miko I couldn’t run away from him(while healing myself). He is the cheapest character ever…worse than McCree in Overwatch.
Hopefully he gets the nerf he deserves. They nerfed almost every single character he needs to be next .

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I agree that his Ult needs a nerf. I won’der why they made the ult so powerful after closed Alpha though. It used to be fairly weak during that time.

Also if you are running support (except for Alani right now) you are pretty much KO’d from it, giving it the true Assassin feel that I’m guessing they were going for. Any other attackers and sometimes Whiskey can quick melee and try to high tail it and hopes for survival. Other than that you hoping for a CC from a Tank or additaion player to get out of it

Other than that, Rath is pretty easy to deal with.

It’s more so about being aware of him than using CC. I can call out when a Rath will Ult, and sure enough he will. In parties when playing with others, I often call it out and my entire team usually is able to escape. You can’t be within melee range and really have to be aware of your surroundings and if he’s on the mini map. He’s going to occasionally get the drop on you and kill you, but so can many other characters if they get the first drop. Also, Rath can severely punish enemies pushing into his own territory especially near thumper turrets.

I don’t think he deserves a nerf and the only change he warrants is the head juggling that occurs sometimes. Yes, I’ve been killed by his ultimate, but by playing smart it’s usually once every few games I play with him, and I play as a variety of characters, and not all of them have an escape.

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You can pretty much tell when a rath is gonna ult you if hes comming at you full speed and you get knocked up. Any character with a double jump can avoid being ulted caldarius and other raths who use the double jump he is an assassin class and once he uses the ult he is kinda um easy to deal with good raths will attack unsuspecting players while its down.

When i am on rath i usually save my ult for the healer Alani and when i am on the verge of death and i dont wanna die. so when you get ulted be happy its probly the rath trying to revenge kill you or you happen to be the biggest threat at the time.

I actually think you should get an aura when your ult is ready so that both enemies and allies can play accordingly.

I main Thorn. As soon as I’m knocked up, I know 101% he’s gonna ult me. Hence grabbing Vaulting Hunter and Burst Propelsion is definitely a must when I’m up against him so I can escape his ult easily. Other than that there is really no other good counter play against his ult unless you land a good hard cc.

The only parts that need adjustment are the head juggling and the silence on Knockup.

The head juggling is an exploit and needs to be fixed.

The silence on the knockup removes any potential for counter play. You can’t do anything except just sit there and take it. You can try to quick melee, unless you’re being head juggled.

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Yup. Any player can get a kill with his ult. A good player will toss them up and juggle them to death (exploit) an insane person who likes to terrorize other players wil send them up, silence them in the air with the X and then juggle them. Nothing to do against the silence. Sure you can punch him away if youre good but that still is very hard to do because he is also so fast. I can do the last one very easily to but I dont because Im not an ass. Battleborn players are already frustrated with the game as is…i dont see why people add to fire.

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I once played against a Rath who was 0-6. Then he hit level 5 and went on a 10 Dreadwind streak. Finished 11-7. His ult is insane and every time I see a level 5 Rath I back up in anticipation of Dreadwind. If you can avoid it, he’s an easy kill. But if he gets you, you’re dead. You need uber CC to counter him, which is absurd. If you have a feeder on your team Rath will outlevel you all and demolish your team. If a Rsth is feeding, he’ll still get kills once he hits level 5. You need to isolate Rath early, identify the threat and prevent him from leveling up. He’s especially dangerous on Meltdown where games usually last long enough for everyone to get their ults, on Incursion and Capture though he’s not really a big threat.

I don’t think they could just straight up nerf Dreadwind. He is pretty horrible without it. I think he needs a rework man. I get that he sucks early game and has a powerful super, but it is just too powerful. It’s the only 100-0 ult in the game that I know of, especially in 3 seconds.

I agree it is way too strong, especially with the knock up/silence. You are literally defenseless.

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I played a Rath tonight that was literally useless, because he didn’t use the knock up/silence before using Dreadwind. It was easily countered. A simple fix may be for GBX to make him unable to use his ultimate 3 seconds after using any other skill. This would still make it strong, but reasonable.

Rath and Alani need to be needed big time… especially alani


Ye his ult is pretty crazy. I do fairly well with Rath even pre ult, but he is the ONLY character I feel has only one correct build. Revolving around the crossblade slow, knock up silence, then ult; if ya do anything else you’re just playing him wrong hahaha.

Someone somewhere posted on a different thread had a great idea for an ult rework (I really wish I could remember his name) where he just pulls out the big sword and ya use that for a few swings. Still powerful, still an aoe (more like frontal cone), but requires some aim. I think that’s genius lol.


You can’t really nerf his Ult without making some other changes. He’s a one trick pony. The biggest problem with Rath is just that most teams have terrible communication and most players have little awareness of there surroundings. If you have an organized team that swarms on Rath when he tries to pounce on a team mate, Rath has little defense. But when you got 5 guys all doing their own thing, Rath eats them for breakfast.


change to deande esque ult…Samurai single slash shenanigans big burst damage+stun+choose where you land?

Lol, no. Rath is perfectly fine. It depends on the the players. If rath catches you solo, you’re pretty much done if you try to fight him. If you gank rath, he’s pretty much done unless he ults his way away from the enemy. Also, it’s painfully obvious when rath is about to ult. There’s been a lot of times where I go to do my ult and someone either knocks me out of it or double jumps away.


I replied on another thread with the original nerf Rath request. Rath is not a big deal. Rath is an ADC, like most Mobas, all ADCs are so weak at the start. You’d just have to build against him - if you are so wanting to solve his “OP-ness”. His ult can be interrupted; but then again, tell your team to not wander off too far. His role is self-explanatory, which is an “assassin”.

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My experience is that quick melee is really a viable option against it. Often times if I get that close, I’m already dead, and since he moves so quickly he can usually just catch back up to me.

Since a lot of characters have a viable escape method im gonna have to say no to the nerf myself. I play Kleese a lot and even godly Raths are my female dog. Throne levitate out of his ult area if its obviously coming. He knocks me up i throne levitate and again he cant reach me with his ult while i preform plastic surgery on his face.
Any agile character with battle field awareness can easily keep him at distance.
The only characters ive had a problem against him (havent played them all extensively but 1/2) are Montana, Alandi and WF. And thats pretty much becuse they dont have ether movement or ability escape (I know montana does, but hes so easy to hit with everything, he needs a buff or something as hes always ganked even with a healer).

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