Quitting this game because of Rath

I don’t think Rath needs and ult simply because it is one and only redeeming quality. I think his ult is super strong on purpose. It is part of his design.

I’ve been on both the receiving and giving end of pure Rath ownage, and then also on the giving and receiving end when the opposing team knows how to deal with it.

If his Ult wasn’t so powerful, there would be no point in picking him. His Life Steal isn’t good enough to sustain him, which is how characters similar to him in other games stay viable. If you could get gear that added decent lifesteal to his already small amount, then I would agree that lowering the numbers on his ulti would be viable. But as the game is now, I think he is a character that can be left as is for now.


In overwatch I don’t see a problem with someone tapping 2 buttons and killing you with no ability to get away from 100% hp using their ult.

But in this game it’s entirely frustrating considering how much more thought you have to put into taking down a single person and how long the respawn timers are. I mean, why does Toby get this crap laser that barely breaks people’s shields before he gets gibbed while rath gets to pick just about any non-tank class in the game and kill them that easily?

I mean, getting an overshield off as rayna while moving at a full sprint and this dude is whirlwinding and following me at that speed to burst though my overshield, shield, and health pool without even bothering to silence me.

I had hoped this would be next on the list after galil, been bothering me since launch day.


This is true if he just uses his ult, but if he lands the knockup with the silence, you can’t get away unless you have a shield or a double jump.

Rath is an assassin character that is pure melee with no range. He annoys the living daylights out of me, especially when he gets behind me and gets his ult off. However he doesn’t need a nerf. That’s how he’s supposed to function. He’s pretty squishy and again, no range. The key to him is to always try to keep an eye on him and keep the heck away from him.

My biggest complaint would have to be the number of deaths a character like Rath or Deande can suffer while still helping their team win the game. It just seems that if you die like 15 times, you should be more of a drain to your team than an asset. Yet I constantly see Raths that have died like 10-15 times while landing 15-20 kills and somehow that is actually a positive?

Oh, and the head juggling is stupid and needs to go. That should be fixed no question IMO.

Anyway, overall Rath is alright.


ImO Rath needs to be reworked.
Not buffed, not nerfed, but reworked.
There is simply too much difference between what he can do with a combo silence+spintowin and what he can do when on cooldown/not yet level 5.
That combo need to be nerfed one way or another, but the remaining part of his abilities upped in compensation.
I mean I play myself characters that become especially good after a while so no problem with that (Mellka, boldur, reyna…), however relying so much on these cooldowns-combo is just not fun for anyone, and the most extreme example of such cooldown dependency is Rath.

At which point you are dead. But then that is his role, assassin. You dont want him getting close, so use those escape methods earlier.
As long as your team knows what’s going on, you can easily limit him to the point where he is useless. Use any high damage ranged BB to mess him up (he is paper thin) as soon as he sticks his head out.


The master of rath takes stun at level one and stops the wrath of joker rath’s causing you to contemplate a quit.

Samurai double jump

He definitely needs to be reworked somehow. If you let him ult all the time, he is going to crush you, doesnt matter who you play as. But if your team knows when to stun/slow him, he melts like butter. He needs to be less of a one trick pony. Its no fun when you see Rath knock you up, and know there is nothing you can do about the incoming ult.

If you let thorn ult all the time, same. Orendi too. So lets just remove ults from the game.

lol thats a 2 part combo that only gets better when your able to double the range of the flash a normal wrath would just flash silence you and spin under you before you could get close enough to pull it off.

Too many people are looking at the game through solo queue perspective. Yeah Rath is really strong after level 5 and will kill you in a 1v1 fight easily.

That’s why you need to be watching your minimap for his icon to know whether or not it’s safe to engage at that time and place. Know when the last time he used his ultimate was, to know whether or not it’s still on cooldown and know if you’re over extending.

If a Rath got a 10 kill, killstreak with his ultimate, then you missed 10, one minute intervals to engage him. And if he didn’t try to fight without his ultimate, then you missed 10, one minute opportunities to make plays while he wasn’t doing anything to help his team.

It’s still a team based game, so if you’re playing with a team, someone has to be saving their stun to cc Rath out of his ultimate. You have to be aware of each teams comps, and be prepared to deal with their abilities. Just because your abilities are ready to be used, doesn’t mean you should use them the first chance you get.

I solo queue a lot, and sometimes teammates will be bad enough to the point where no one will help when it’s needed, but so long as you choose the proper times to engage, things like Rath’s ultimate should not be that big of an issue.

If Rath consistently kills you with his ultimate, you are probably doing something wrong and are being consistently outplayed, because he’s playing his assassin character properly if he can get an easy kill then get out.


If you’re unable to escape Rath with an overshield from Reyna, that’s mostly on you. Assuming the Reyna is Level 4, she can give you about 600 health including the overshield, in addition to about 1300 health and a 300 pt shield, that’s more than enough to escape and when you’re not silenced, any character has the ability to get out of Dreadwind one way or another.

As for Toby, that’s a different story as to why his ult should be changed, not Rath’s.

Except that its not. I have tried blocking rath’s ult with ISIC’s shield and he does enough damage to break the shield and still kill me at 50% hp. Thats over 3500 damage in a couple seconds.

Except you have to aim those, and they dont do near the amount of damage dreadwind does.

Rath can be a handful but really only becasu of his ult, if you can live through that thing than he is an easy target. I played Kalvin vs a Rath once and it was so great. I saved my stun whenever I seen Rath coming and as soon as he ulted I would just mist into him and stop him. Got a message after the game from him saying I saved so many people by stunning him.

I used to feel this way too.

But if you’re missing with either’s ult, than you probably shouldn’t have used it there.

Rath gets picked on early if he exposes himself. He has to upgrade a certain way a couple of times to achieve the broken state you describe. And he becomes undeniably strong late game. Idk. That sounds balanced.

Sure, you can reduced the time of the attack. You could cut the dmg. Even reduce the diameter. But even then when he kills your Alani entirely with dreadwind because its the only way he can actually burst down that hero, you’re still gonna be crying he’s op.

So instead of starting a nerf chain reaction, why don’t we shift focus only ways of playing against rath. Like, hey were in tight quarters and its late game, maebe we should space out because I haven’t seen rath in a minute and were a triple kill waiting to happen.

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There are many characters that are pretty bad early game, but great late game. El Dragon comes to mind. He has incredible power with his ult, but it’s no where near Rath’s IMO; it still takes thought and skill. I run Thorn with 2600 health and in one instance I was stunned, then dreadwind-ed and he killed me in 4 seconds. This is just too strong.

This is probably the biggest balance issue the game has outside of Alani. I’m all for a rework with Rath, make him more powerful early game, etc. but the knock up/silence/dreadwind combo is just unstoppable.

Solution: Can’t use Dreadwind until 2 seconds after any skill activation. Problem solved.

I dont think hes OP. His kit just needs to be changed. Sure his ult is extremely strong, but thats all he has. I would rather them rework it and reduce the effectiveness of his ult, while bringing up his other skills so he can actually do something the other 55 seconds while his ult is on CD.

But he has a knockup with decent range which disables you long enough for him to close the gap and it silences you.

Characters like Rath just show the important of having CC in every team comp.

Or make the knock up more difficult to land