Qurstion about cross save and BL2 before bank patch

Hey Guys,

I lived BL2 for a while but I took an xbox break. I now have Xbox One and am looking into getting the handsome collection this week.

I had 4 lvl 50s and a few mid level characters with over loaded banks (more then 27 items) I know they patched this. I collected weapons of all levels to use in my replays (i.e i have lengendaries from most levels).

My Question:

If I do the cross save, will it transfer all my gear in my banks or just the 1st 27 items? I know they made it so you cant add more and I respect this (although I was in it for the gameplay not the farming).

I played the first 3 DLCs but I am amazed how much more they made after I got out.

Not the end of the world if they done seeing as the majority are lvl 50 items and the cap is higher now. just curious and i cant seem to find the answer anywhere.


The cross save is not going to cause you to lose your original saves, I don’t know what it is going to do on the new console.

From posts of people power leveling folk I think it will bring things over the same.

your overloaded bank and all will transfer, had one of my characters with expanded bank, and everything carried over just fine with no loss, now your Badass rank and things, are another iffy, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but bank is fine

Thanks dudes. Can’t wait to pick it up in the next few days. Going to need some new BL buddies as mine are not on the XB1 yet.